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  1. Credit Wizard

    Approved Location  Trade Federation Grand Industropolis, Druckenwell

    Trade Federation Grand Industropolis, Druckenwell OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Make a New Headquarters for the Trade Federation Image Credit: The Imperial City - Artstation Artstation - Battlefront II Artstation - K4 Artstation - Logistics Hub Artstation - Refinery Interior Artstation...
  2. Tarsus Kiyan

    Codex Denied  Druckenwell Self-Defense Fleet

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: [ State why you are making this submission and what purpose it will fulfill in RP. ] Image Credit: [ Provide credit to the original artist of the images in your submission. Link to the web page where it can be found and state the name of the original artist...
  3. Klesta

    Approved Location  Sith Inquisitor Druckenwell Office

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide the Sith Inquisitor an office on Druckenwell ​Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Links: Rekindle [CIS dominion of Druckenwell] SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Sith Inquisitor Druckenwell office Classification: A corporate office Location...
  4. Vorhi Alestrani

    Approved Tech  "Rengas Pelastus" --Ring of Rescue (Factory Lore Challenge)

    Image Source: Found at Intent: A ring for forcers who wish to engage in search and rescue operations in the event of mass casualty situations. Development Thread: Upon request. Manufacturer: Vorhi...
  5. Ayden Cater

    Picking Up The Ashes [Druckenwell Aftermath]

    613,915,874 dead, and that number was constantly climbing. Billions were injured, displaced, or missing. The orbit over Druckenwell was almost as bad. Almost no orbital structure was left in tact, and the planet's orbit was filled with debris and the dead. Trillions of credits worth of damage...
  6. Ayden Cater


    When the order came, every Baktoid factory, research base, or other ground-based property inside Protectorate simply shutdown as their power was cut. Those rare few with backup generators would find themselves continuing to function, but the vast majority of them would be unable to function...
  7. Corey's OOC

    Approved Starship  Salvager-Class Collection Vessel

    Image Credit: http://www.deviantar...hreat-343499345 Intent: To create a unique ship for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and select salvagers and privateers to comb battlefields for scrap from fallen ships or asteroid fields for mineral resources Development Thread: NA Manufacturer...
  8. Corey's OOC

    Approved Starship  Replenish-Class Bulk Freighter

    Image Credit: http://decktechs-ser...tary-freighter/ Intent: To create a supply ship for both military and civilian usage Development Thread: NA Manufacturer: Druckenwell Shipyards Model: Replenish-Class Affiliation: Public Modularity: Yes, passenger transport Production: Mass 
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