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Approved Location Sith-Imperial Collection and Refinery Complex - Kalakar Six

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The Two Who Were One
  • Intent: Create a new Sith-Imperial installation
  • Image Credit: Click - Christian Piccolo
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Structure Name: Sith-Imperial Collection and Refinery Complex [SI-CRC]
  • Classification: Industrial Installations
  • Location: Kalakar Six
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Accessibility: The Complex is off-limits to the public, with a code clearance required for workers and overseers alike to step foot on the premises.
  • Description: The full scope of the Sith-Imperial Collection and Refinery Complex extends beyond just one singular facility. There are a grand total of twenty similar refineries scattered all across Kalakar Six's nightmarish surface, each one similar in function. The aboveground portion of the complex is only the barest tip of the iceberg, for the facility runs deep underground for another five hundred kilometers or so into the planet's mantle where rich metals are collected by diligent mining automatons on a daily basis. The raw materials are then collected and lifted towards the surface by reinforced elevators. From there they are refined into building materials for the Sith Empire's military-industrial complex and are used to construct warships, walkers, and anything else required by the war machine.
  • Docking Tower: The tower at the center of the complex was designed to be compatible in docking with large cargo ships. This allowed for the transfer of vast quantities of refined goods to be transported all at once in the belly of these cargo freighters, ensuring that the shipyards and factories of the Sith Empire would always be supplied with large shipments on a regular basis.
  • Refinery: Built directly beneath the aboveground section of the facility, the refineries work day and night to process the raw goods hauled up from the borehole into usable metals that are then carted off to be transported to other worlds in the Empire like Lianna, Sernpidal, and to the moon's very own orbital shipyards.
  • Borehole: Running several hundred kilometers down into Kalakar Six's ore-rich mantle, the Borehole is the source for the vast quantities of raw materials being collected and then transferred up to the Refinery for processing. Thousands of mining droids work tirelessly, day and night, to collect enough metals to comprise, fuel, and power the voracious war machine of the Sith Empire.
  • Loading Bays: Besides the giant Docking Tower, the Complex also has several standard loading bays and landing platforms for smaller cargo haulers to distribute the burden of hauling materials and goods from Kalakar Six to other star systems in the Empire.

[*]Combat Forces:
  • 800 Legionnaires

[*]Vehicle Compliment:


Kalakar Six had always been a world overlooked by galactic governments, their interest was drawn more towards the more accessible resources found in the asteroid belts and moonlets that orbited Dromund Kalakar and its other moons. When the New Sith Empire reestablished dominance in the Dromund system, the Department of Resources and Munitions found untapped opportunity on the volcanic moon.

Like on Dubrillion, the Department commissioned the creation of twenty mining facilities that would harvest the ores and minerals hidden deep beneath the volcanic surface. Mining droids were made to mine day and night, for weeks and weeks, to fill the outrageous quotas of the Empire's war-time production.

Unlike Dubrillion, Kalakar Six hosted its own series of orbital shipyards that shortened the distance between the source of construction materials and the assembly lines that combined them into the Empire's warships and starfighters. However, more often than not there would be an evident surplus of materials that would then be transported to other nearby production facilities.
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