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[SIZE=10pt]NAME:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Simone
FACTION: Outer Rim Coalition
RANK: Technician/Slicer
SPECIES: Zeltron
AGE: 28
[SIZE=10pt]SEX:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Female[/SIZE]
HEIGHT:[SIZE=10pt] 5’10”[/SIZE]
WEIGHT:[SIZE=10pt] 154lbs[/SIZE]
EYES:[SIZE=10pt] Brown[/SIZE]
HAIR:[SIZE=10pt] Died, pink and blue[/SIZE]
SKIN:[SIZE=10pt] light red[/SIZE]


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[SIZE=10pt]+ Skilled Slicer/Technician - Put her infront of a computer system, be it with a screen or simply a panel full of wires, Simone [/SIZE][SIZE=13.3333px]has[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] a gift of working through it. Whatever she doesn't know, she makes a point of learning as she goes.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]+Perceptive and fast thinking - Simone is pretty good at reading people provided she keeps her distance emotionally. Tangle emotions in the mix and things get a little hazy. She thinks on her feet keeping herself out of sticky situations[/SIZE]​
+/- Limited fighting skill - errible in a fire fight and hates guns, is however pretty damn good with a knife and could just about hold her own in a bar brawl...though as a rule if she can avoid a fight, she will.​
[SIZE=10pt]- Reckless - [/SIZE][SIZE=13.3333px]her fast thinking can swing both ways, keeping on her toes can land her in just as much trouble as it does getting her out of it.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]- Hard Shell/Soft interior - Simone has built walls up around her and while he sass and skill has earned her a few [/SIZE][SIZE=13.3333px]friends[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] along the way she keeps them all at arms length.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]Slender and of average height, Simone has a cute smile that she tries to use to get herself out of most situations.[/SIZE]​
Former reporter, lifelong slicer and a girl with a knack for working with and around criminals without darkening her own heart. After ditching her time as a reporter, Simone kicked around with the Underground, running a few jobs with them before setting down on Nar Shadda where she worked in the shadows holding The Undergrounds safe house their for a long time and keeping a close eyes on potential problems.​
War seems to have blossomed again, and even in the murkiest levels of Nar Shadda, people are beginning to feel the pressure. Simone's has come out to catch some fresh air and fresh news. and rejoin with some old collegues.​