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Approved Starship Silencer-class Dreadnought

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It's Real to Pretend
  • Manufacturer: Sith-Imperial Corps of Engineers(original manufacturer), Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose Manufacturing(Refit)
  • Model: Silencer-class Dreadnought
  • Affiliation: Sith Empire(Dark Magus)

  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Durasteel(hull), Alusteel(frame)
  • Classification: Star Destroyer
  • Length: 1400m
  • Width: 800m
  • Height: 600m
  • Armament: Extreme
1x LRBBeam Super-Heavy Beam Cannon
Pulse Cannons
Ion Cannons
Solar Ionization Cannons
General Purpose Warhead Tubes
Composite Beam Lasers
Antimissile Octets
Flak Cannons

Defenses: Average
Hangar: Very Low(2 squadrons)
Maneuverability Rating: Average
Speed Rating: Average
Hyperdrive Class: Class 1


[*]Environmental Systems:

[*]Medical Bay
[*]Navigation System
[*]Ray Shields

[*]Propulsion Systems:

[*]Ion Drives
[*]Maneuvering Jets

[*]Sensor and Targeting Systems:


  • The Silencer is capable of operating on its own, and compared to such ships as the Conqueror is more capable of defending itself.
  • The Silencer fits a super-heavy beam weapon capable of causing tremendous damage to other capital ships.
  • The Silencer's hangar capacity is minimal for its size. Though it is greater than the Conqueror, two squadrons of fighters are not necessarily enough to survive a concerted enemy attack.
  • The Silencer is less maneuverable than a standard Harrower thanks to the addition of the beam weapon.
Description: The Harrower-class Dreadnought has served in varying forms under the Sith banner for thousands of years. Most recently, the Mk III iteration of the Harrower has served as a mainline Star Destroyer in the Sith Empire's navy. Produced in such high numbers, a number of Harrowers were requisitioned by Vanessa Vantai for modification, fitted with super-heavy beam weaponry at a cost of almost its entire hangar area. The result is a powerful harbinger of a vessel that is particularly effective at eliminating cruiser-scale warships by itself, and, when working in concert with each other, can eliminate even larger threats in record time. These converted Harrowers have been scattered throughout the Sith navy.
Directorate Officer
Vanessa Vantai said:
Affiliation: Sith Empire(Dark Magus, Saaraishash, Emperor's fleet) Production: Limited

Vanessa Vantai said:
The highest number of ships belong to the naval assets used by the Dark Magus, while some are used by the Saaraishash and a couple have even found themselves utilized by the Emperor's fleet.

From the template:
Limited (Only one small group of characters. IE: Small task force, not entire factions.) Characters refer to NPCs & PCs.
I think I could see "Limited" ship being common in a single fleet, but I think that encompassing multiple fleets and forces is probably beyond "Limited" production, especially given that "characters" include NPCs in this iteration of the Factory rules.

Vanessa Vantai said:
Defenses: Average Deflector Shields Composite Beam Lasers Antimissile Octets Flak Cannons Diatium Capacitance Array EWAR Cap Drain Deionizer Socketguard Warhead Countermeasures
The Composite Beam Lasers, Antimissile Octets, and Flak Cannons should be listed in the armament section, as they are weapons. The reason we do this is because some ships (especially smaller frigates) may elect to put all of their armament into anti-starfighter weapons to act as screening vessels. If we were to put them in defenses, we'd end up with some people abusing this loophole, making ships that have high defenses and a nigh number of anti-starfighter weapons without balance elsewhere to compensate for this.

Tell me a little bit more about the "EWAR" and "Warhead Countermeasures" entail.
Directorate Officer
[member="Vanessa Vantai"], if you'd like, you can link the "warhead countermeasures" to the Wookieepedia article that was used in the Harrower III submission.

This may be a judge difference, but I think that EWAR is really too broad of a category to list unless it's pure fluff that won't be used in a PVP situation. EWAR as a generic category could incorporate comm jamming, sensor jamming, hacking, signal spoofing, and some stuff that probably doesn't exist yet (but could be introduced later on in canon).
Directorate Officer
Just reread this again to make sure I wasn't missing anything before I set it to pending approval:

Vanessa Vantai said:
The highest number of ships belong to the naval assets used by the Dark Magus, with one or two ships passed off to other groups within the Imperial navy.

This seems to conflict with the affiliation field. If you would like this to be used by more than Dark Magus or another very select group, I'd recommend changing the production to minor (and with that, rebalance the sub).
It's Real to Pretend
I wouldn't see it as unfeasible for the Dark Magus to transfer one or two of these ships to the main Imperial Navy, but edited. [member="Gir Quee"]
Directorate Officer
At this time, it may be easier to picture the production scaling rises on a more exponential scale in terms of rariety. There's not much (if any) wriggle room for affiliation the higher one goes up on that scale. This was done because people were mass-fielding "limited" units, and its especially important now because limited units are more powerful, and there are no other balancing factors like development threads that would keep these numbers of units down. Otherwise, there would not much point to using mass or minor production submissions.

Vanessa Vantai said:
Affiliation: Sith Empire(Dark Magus)

If you'll please change the affiliation to something like "Sith Empire: Dark Magus's forces". This is to ensure that everyone realizes that while the Sith Empire technically owns these ships, only characters directly affiliated with Dark Magus can use them.

Vanessa Vantai said:
The highest number of ships belong to the naval assets used by the Dark Magus.

This should be edited to reflect that only characters working with or under Dark Magus can use these ships. There should be no suggestion or hint otherwise that several of these vessels are not affiliated with his forces.
It's Real to Pretend
...this... this is a sub for a Star Destroyer-scale warship. It has 'dreadnought' in the name because the ship it's based off of has 'dreadnought' in the name as well. It's not a 10km unique ship, and I don't think I need to link a dominion for this ship given it's not a dreadnought classed vessel...

[member="Jamie Pyne"]
[member="Vanessa Vantai"]

If you want to reduce the production to limited that's fine, but you'll need a more narrow scope of affiliation given the requirements of that production level. A specific subset of the Empire, or regiment/fleet will do.
It's Real to Pretend
[member="Jamie Pyne"]

I don't see why it can't be simply assumed every fleet has literally one or two, given the immense size of warfleets outside of invasions, but edited again.
[member="Vanessa Vantai"]

Because of the reason the previous FJ noted here. And because it's in the rules here. And more precisely, here:

Production: The scale is Unique (Only One Character), Semi-Unique (Maximum of 10 characters), Limited (Only one small group of characters. IE: Small task force, not entire factions.), Minor (Large groups of characters. (IE: Multiple factions, companies, or groups.), Mass-Produced. (Anyone.) Characters refer to NPCs & PCs. For production limitations on who can make what, please see For more details see the Star Ship rules)))
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