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Sign up for Black Bha'lir Smuggling - Inception Thread

Cim Salro

Sultana of Spice
The first Black Bha'lir faction thread will establish our smuggling base IC and will take place in a couple of locations. Here are the objectives:

1. Break into the Ministry of Science HQ on Geonosis to steal coordinates from [member="Rex Taff"] that will take us to the Invisible Island on Maramere.

2. Establish the base on the Invisible Island and get to know each other, discuss faction goals IC, get drunk, ingest spice, dance like no one is watching, etc.

[member="Rex Taff"] [member="Scherezade deWinter"] [member="William the Bloody"] [member="Kingsley"]

Any interested parties - especially smugglers - please sign up here. I am open to opposition from anti-piracy CIS members, but we need a base in the CIS so while the base objective is predetermined, we could end up somewhere else besides Maramere if the RP flows organically enough.


King of Pumpkins
Hey guys, it is me Rex.
sorry Rex Taff is no longer affiliated to the CIS so I had to use another alt.
But otherwise can't wait to see what happens