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Approved Tech Shroud of Desolation

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Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War


  • Intent: To create a personal suit of armor for Darth Tacitus
  • Image Source: Kekai Kotaki @Blogspot (scroll down for image)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: [member="Darth Metus"]
  • Affiliation: Darth Tacitus, Closed-Market
  • Model: Custom Built Armor
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Alchemized Durasteel

  • Classification: Multipurpose Alchemized Sith Armor
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Low
- Kinetic: Average
- Lightsabers: Very High
- Other:
- Sonic: Low
- EMP/ION: Not Applicable
- Elemental: Average

  • Alchemized Durasteel: The Shroud of Desolation is forged out of Alchemized Durasteel that was anointed with the blood of a thousand captive Force sensitives, imbuing the armor with a very high lightsaber resistance.
  • Waves of Darkness: The final screams of fear and pain of those sacrificed to forge this armor, have become imbued within it, constantly radiating out and casting waves of darkness which negatively affect a Lightsider's ability to access the Force, waves that are visible as dark ripples of shadow in the air around the armor's wearer.

  • Lightsaber Resistant: The Shroud of Desolation is highly resistant to lightsabers, due to the Alchemized Durasteel it is forged out of, using processes similar to the creation of a Sith Sword
  • Waves of Darkness: The Shroud of Desolation has a very powerful presence in the Darkside, casting out waves of darkness which radiate out and smother affect a Jedi's ability to access the Lightside of the Force. The effectiveness depends on the distance and on the Jedi's training, with Padawans and Knights being much more susceptible than Masters

  • Low Sonic Resistance: The Shroud of Desolation is very vulnerable to sonic weapons, which cause reverberations that amplify the effects of the weapon within the suit
  • A Mile Away: Because of the aura of horror that it is constantly casting, the wearer of this armor can be detected by another Force sensitive from a distance of at least fifty meters, which increases with training
  • Ysalamiri: This armor is dependent on a constant connection to the Darkside of the Force in order to maintain its unique abilities, which will stop working for as long as a nearby object blocks access to the Force
  • Force Light: An item created using the most cruel and violent rituals of the Darkside, the Shroud of Desolation is highly vulnerable to Force Light, which can completely destroy the suit of armor

The Shroud of Despair is a suit of armor who's forging began soon after Tacitus and his Shrouded Republic joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was created by Darth Metus in secret, using Sith Alchemy to give the durasteel its unique capabilities. A thousand prisoners were sacrificed during the creation of this suit of armor, giving it the ability to resist lightsabers and to cast waves of darkness around it, which can smother a Jedi's ability to access the Lightside of the Force. The effectiveness of this, depends on the opponent's proximity and training. A Padawan standing within lightsaber range will be far more affected than if he were to stand at a distance and similarly, a Jedi's resistance to this effect increases with the amount of training and experience that they possess.

It is highly vulnerable to Force Light, which can destroy it completely and only offers limited protection against most types of weapons and attacks, with the exception of sonic weapons, which can cause reverberation inside the suit and affect its wearer significantly.

The armor is a pale silver color and decorated with engraved skull motiffs and sharp spikes that are meant to intimidate an opponent. It is covered in wispy strips of dark cloth that seem to ripple of their own free will, without outside interference, a result of the powerful Darkside energies that have been imbued within it.

It is a cruel armor that has been designed to not only protect its wearer, but to project an image of terrible, dark strength and adds to the intimidating posture of the Dread Lord of Silence, who has secretly paid Darth Metus for it with the last hundred Jedi prisoners, of those captured during the conquering of Nibelungen.
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