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Shoe Shopping (Open Season on Newbie)

So there I was, miles away from where I'd been and in a hearty yet pleasantly designed area of shops about three lightyears away from the Main Drag. Why was I there?
I'm tired of buying ugly shoes.
Seriously, in the fashionable places there's inevitably that one gum-chewing sales person who has pride in their work and in their sales numbers to the point of retail tyranny. I always end up in these gawd-awful pumps with buckles and laces on sideways, one time, I got a pair of shoes made for a Grr-lek. They were shaped like flippers. I had to wait till after the dude had gone home to run in, dump the shoes, get my money back and run out before another sales person tried to sell me the same pair of boots Clumsy the Chainsaw Juggling Clown was wearing before his unfortunate 'incident'.
My boots, oh my deliciously comfy brown boots with the imitation voorpah fluff in them have holes in the bottom. And by holes I mean my toe is going through. I need shoes. Boots, preferrably, I already have seven pairs of slippers of varying sizes, shapes and colours in Roy. Roy's my little Lifter Ship! Daddy's so proud.
I reach out briefly into that hazy gray fog I kind of maybe know as the Force. Usually it's good to tell me what ails you, but today I'm hoping it tells me which boot stores are being run by people who hate their jobs and are counting down the hours. Those guys usually don't rub off on me too much.
Whoever said empathy was epic clearly didn't read as a child.
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Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
Sargon walked into the more fashionable end of the street examining the wares of the shops, more window shopping then anything really. By nature he lived a rather spartan life, and if anyone saw his sleeping quarters in the barracks as compared to his growing bank account there would be some uplifted eyebrows. He did however need to buy a few outfits for more formal occasions. He was by nature a military man, and as such preferred boots any day of the week, but they simply didn't look right with a three, or four piece suit. Of course at the moment he was dressed in his usual military attire uniform, and would most likely be ignored by the staff hoping for bigger fish.

Walking into the shop Sargon gave the staff a nod, and walked up to the desk. "I'm going to need two pair of dress shoes. I'd prefer one wing tipped, and both black." Looking over he saw a patron with his toe sticking out of his shoe. Apparently he wasn't the only one who needed shoes today. "I'd say it was the right time for a new pair, but if you're going boot they keep very small selection of combat type boots in the back."
@[member="Anders Sivas"]
Starleaves n Stimcafs
@[member="Anders Sivas"] @[member="Sargon Vynea"]​

Three bags over her arm, rose print maxi dress with yellow and black accents, rolling down the body, down her legs and ending wisp of cut material, straps holding it to bare shoulders. Black sandals, strapped up the ankle, and hair parted to one side today. Carrying weapons somewhere within the thin dress but just where you'd have to guess. Her hair was parted to one side, partly covering the Kiffar's un-tattooed face, her hair extensions extending the length from black into a dirty blonde color.

Another shop caught her eye, a bit bare, practical, she was intent to be going right by that one. Then Kei's voice came in the back of her thoughts, she had to get something that'd fit for the long days training at the temple, something practical for her new life, and for that new big guy, Kahne.

With a scrunching of the nose, a grudging acceptance, Nato swung open the door. Touching the handle, memories flooded in, of each and every brief contact that handle had felt, she shook her head pushing it away, and carried on in. Dull... Dull... Dull, no color, she put a hand on her hip, and raised a finger to her light red shaded lips tapping away, before lowering it to pick out something, anything with color, style, anything. Black or brown with color? Could she get away with that pair at those stuffy formal meetings? No assistant came over to help her, because really nobody at this shop seemed to care either way what people bought, or if they were even there at all.
@[member="Sargon Vynea"]
Wing-tips. Wing tip boots. Do they make wing-tip boots? I just. . . its about time I got something to fancy up the place. The place being Roy. I really ought to go in the back and . . . aw come on, why do personalities have to reside in this backward dive?! "Kinda like the pair right there with the buttons down the. . . Back. . Yes! Combat boots! Yes! Brown ones!"

I want brown combat boots! I do! I want them, and even if that pair of serviceable dress shoes is grabbing my fancy, I, Anders Sivas want a pair of combat boots. I pump my fist in the air, strutting over to the combat boots and gesturing to the staff. "Boot me, ladies and gents! Thank you. Thank you Sir." It's a curious thing to be in a receptive mood and end up finding the people I'm around want what I do, or are plain helpful. It's like I want combat boots, I'd be more comfortable in them than anything. "Come here often? What with the combat boot thing and all... what you need dress shoes for?"

But only if the boots were bright yellow.
@[member="Natol'ine"] A Kiffar chick walks in and she bleeds distain from her pores. Much rather be in a fashion conscious place, somewhere outside the dives and monotony of the outer reach of the farthest limit. Still, maybe there might be . . . no, no there's really nothing here. Nothing perfect. As I get my boots and find ones that fit, thank you horn headed dude, I can't help but walk over to the girl clutching my almost purchase to my chest like a child with a teddy bear.

"Someone get this girl a drab-o-ectomy, STAT. I mean. . . they're not that. . . the shoes are. . . " I do an about-face and walk straight back to a seat and toss off my worn, comfy, holy boots and start lacing the new ones up. "Boots. I wanted boots, I got boots, stick with the boots. Boot, boot, boot."

A touch of the grey fog flashes across my eyes, two sovereign little lights glowing in the Force. I check out the store again, watching for a flicker in the folk around me. I'm not trained, not by a long shot, but there's a trick or two in me I guess. Enough for anyone else attuned to the foggy grey Force to figure me out. "Boots."

Damn my ankles would look killer in those hot blue pumps. . . . Dude. I'm not wearing four inchers. . . BOOTS, MAN! BOOTS!

Holly Isaac

Having just arrived in town after a long trip across the galaxy, Aella decided it was time to get some new boots. "damn, it's hard to find some good boots that aren't ridiculous these days" she thought. "A girl can't run after her bounty in stilettos... ALL the time." Trailing off in thought she glanced across the street to see an unassuming shoe store. "Perfect." she muttered and walked across the street, opening the door with purpose.
A gust of wind wrapped her hair around her as the door shut with a thud. "Now where to find some comfy boots?" she mumbled as she gazed around the shop. Noticing a pair of brown, lace up combat boots she walked briskly toward the back of the store. She stopped suddenly as she noticed the colorful rose print maxi dress with yellow and black accents. "Beautiful" she thought. She looked up at the face of the young woman. Her pulse quickened. This was the girl with a price on her head for stealing a general's prize statue. @[member="Natol'ine"]

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
Sargon looked at @[member="Anders Sivas"] with a grin. "I'm a soldier by trade, but somehow I got moved up to in position. I'm currently the military Governor of Bakura. This requires at time I wear expensive suits, and look the part. If you'd like the truth, the regular old black combat boots are more my style. Responsibility though requires you to play your part, no?"

Turning back he gazed at the two woman who were also apparently shopping. With a small smile he shook his head. No doubt they were here for the higher end of fashion too, but he supposed women had to be, the curse of beauty. Handing a small number of credits over to the cashier he nodded towards the gentleman with his toe sticking out. "Throw his on there as well, if you would please." He said it quietly enough that it wouldn't carry, and exited the store with a nod to the man.
Starleaves n Stimcafs
Nato laughed at @[member="Anders Sivas"], she let out a snorting giggle, and had to cover her mouth with her hand. "They look terrible on you." She winked at Anders, "What are you thinking?" Walking over to pull out some BOOTS, only these boots were much more his type. She handed them over, perching herself up on the seat arm a couple seats down from him, personal space was there but she was still making herself at home in this drab shop, crossing her legs and snuggling up to the back of the chair.

A couple of employee's milled about at the display but really couldn't care less and just went back to staring at their wrist devices, each other, or just into space.

For some reason exceptionally energetic today, the Kiffar took everything in her stride, someone who was tense, was just someone else to know. @[member="Aella Cadeyrn"] "Wadda you think Miss? Don't these suit him?" Without a care in the world for who or what she was, or giving her time to walk in, Nato called over. Not before leaning back on the seat, a cheshire cat smile beaming its way across her features. Getting memories from the previous occupants of the chair, caused her to experience memories of many, many shoes, more than you could ever put into words, all these feet fittings, all of them terribly boring memories! She had to shake her head, and get the strings of those dull experiences out of thoughts, finally feeling a big pang of sympathy for the reclusively bored staff here in the store.

@[member="Sargon Vynea"], then she heard the military governor make his title known, and it itched on her, the more someone was an authority figure the more she wanted to wisecrack about the situation, or them. It was ten times worse for her Master at the temple. Biting her tongue, literally, she waved at Sargon, wanting to call him Mr stoney, and recommend yellow shoes for Anders, but she kept her playful side in check. A bit. "Hey, can we get some big yellow boots here?"

Holly Isaac

Aella clenched her fists then let them go. It was imperative she kept calm until she could obtain her targets. 1. BOOTS. 2. the bounty.
"Perfectly" she said smiling @[member="Natol'ine"]. She did seem like a sweet girl, perhaps being the reason why she could so easily steal items from people without much notice until it was too late. And shoe shopping. How could she ruin a girl's shoe shopping trip? This was it. Probably the one time where Aella would be torn away from making money, because of a mutual love of shoes.
"I think you might want to stick to brown, although red might suit him too! Oh yes! Those would be DARLING! *ahem* I mean, studly..." she said with a wink. "Care to help me pick out a few pairs for myself?"
@[member="Anders Sivas"]
I cling to my boots, holding the lifeline of original intent and watching the Zabrak start to leave. "Hey, you found shoes easy. Good for you! I got boots. My boots. They're my new boots and I'm going to break them in and lace them up and I sound like an idiot, but . . ." I shrug, "I don't know much responsibility, Sir. I'm just a kid from Naboo trying to patch people's wounds up. Learning how, anyway. I'm not anything much, but I can imagine all sorts of stodgy functions and parties. The kinds where you think maybe your time's better spent, you know? Like, this can't be it you know? Figure I'll get there someday."
"Woa... You're. . . you're a Governor and you talked to me? If i were on Bakura, I would vote for you, Mr. Dude!" I smile at him, content with the boots in my arms and my head twerks. Another lady comes in... is this the busiest universe's-most-lame shoe store ever or am I having a really weird day? Pointy ears, rugged good looks, sensible. Yes, our new patron is sensible. A gust of wind. Mr. Governor Spiney Dude Zabrak Bakura Guy left, and I didn't really catch his passing, but I did catch the whiff of another emotional presence.

"Oh gosh, I want the most darling pair of boots I can find." The words, they escape the rusty trap of my lips before I can hit them over the head with an imaginary mallet. Darling boots. Manly! Manly studly boots! Where's the tension? Where's it coming from? I laugh, feeling the Kiffar's sense of style wash me with the colour yellow. "Yellow's such a fun colour, isn't it?" I say, pulling the laces to my new boots apart and pushing my feet in. They're warm, got some kind of comfy lining and I'm still jonesing on the feeling of the Governor. It's an odd and special time when I can go through with my original intent for a day. Nthing is going to stop me from putting on these boots. Someone is going to get hurt.

I'm not going to make it out of this shoe shop alive. There's a tension somewhere, beyond the boredom of minimum wage earners and the uncanny ability for retail to sap strength from living beings, I'm catching that not everyone here's as nice as Mr. Spiney-Head. A raise in tension that even I can sense means something.


Whatever it means, I have no idea. But it means something. The only two people in the store are the pointy eared lady and the yellow aficionado. I sidle up to the yellow girl, kinda want to call her 'Lello. And I shall. "Big yellow boots? You really think with my complexion yellow boots will work? I mean, I got one pair! They're awesome, the Zabrak Governor helped me get them and and and, the detail on that dress is divine. It's enough to stand out in any crowd."

I put my hand on her arm, thinking nothing of it until there's a flash of light across my eyes. My emotions go haywire, my breath catches. I'm paralyzed in place in this nether moment, a tiny glint of a radar and there's so much in this. I don't know what to do, the light flashes are hitting my retinae with a consistent hum. What is this emotional pattern? Who is this girl?

What did I just touch? @[member="Aella Cadeyrn"] @[member="Natol'ine"] @[member="Sargon Vynea"]

Whatever you want to have happen or not happen there, Nato, feel free to drift with your muse. I'm content.
Starleaves n Stimcafs
Taking all the memories from the chair she could stand, if she had to sit through another years worth of leather, satin, or worse rough old canvas, she'd probably fall asleep. Though she had a strange craving for the smell of old leather as a result, enjoying the leathery aroma from the shop more now.

Agreeing with @[member="Aella Cadeyrn"] but not letting on, Nato slinked her way behind @[member="Anders Sivas"], giving him a playful appraising stair. "Hmm..." looking him up and down, "no just teasing you." She admitted, shivering at the sight of yellow. Grabbing her paws instead on a Chamoisee pair of boots, a softer light brown color, something that would fit his complexion, and make him look good enough to eat up.

What a find! In a store like this, if only she wanted anything but brown and black! She half wanted them herself but grr, meh, whatever, no color. She clicked the top of her tongue against the roof of her mouth, irritated. "Has to be something..." Why no blues, or colorful reds, why did the temple robes have to be all... proper and polite, all soft and quiet...

Plus she was thinking about her feet again, it never gave her a happy face.

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Holly Isaac

"Sweetheart, you keep those boots on. They look dashing on you" @[member="Anders Sivas"]
"You don't look so happy... I know what will cheer you up! A nice pair of heels!" Almost bouncing over to where the women's heeled boots were Aella picked up a pair that she thought would suit @[member="Natol'ine"]
"They're black, but the details are just darling and can go with almost anything." she said reaching out to hand her the pair of boots with a a 3 inch heal, rounded toe, and a subtle yet cute bow detailing up the side.
"Where are my manners? Here we are giving opinions about shoes to each other and I haven't even introduced myself! My name is Aella Cadeyrn" she said smiling.