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Approved Tech Seishin Droid Chassis

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  • Intent: To submit the chassis for Seishin
  • Image Source: Original
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Atrisian Engineer simply referred to as Mother
  • Model: N/A
  • Production: Unique
  • Affiliation: Seishin only
  • Modularity: Components can be switched out, but must be subbed before use.
  • Material: Havod, circuitry, solarium glasteel, fused quartz crystalline mesh
  • Classification: Second Degree, Fifth Degree
  • Weight: 90.71kg
  • Height: 172.72cm
  • Movement: Bipedal, Repulsorlift
  • Armaments: No inbuilt armaments aside from appendages
  • Misc. Equipment: Full spectrum active and passive sensor suite, no-show, individual field disruptor unit
  • Shard
  • No-Show
  • Individual Field Disruptor Unit
  • Repulsor lift
  • Extensive medical knowledge
  • Extensive combat knowledge
  • State of the art learning matrix
  • Shard: This chassis contains a force sensitive Shard
  • No-Show: Internal activatable unit, obscures energy, thermal, infrared, and sonic signature, renders nearly invisible to active and passive sensors. Hampers communication devices, and active/passive sensors when activated.
  • Individual Field Disruptor Unit: Internal activatable unit, allows passage through shields
  • Repulsor lift: Seishin has a small repulsor lift in each leg, allowing him more mobility options
  • Extensive medical knowledge: While not a medical professional, Seishin has the knowledge and practical know-how to be an advanced medic
  • Extensive combat knowledge: Seishin has extensive training in combat techniques, from melee to ranged
  • State of the art learning matrix: Aside from a typical upload knowledge learning system, Seishin has an advanced organic learning system, allowing him to generate knowledge paths related to experience.

  • Can be extensively stealthy when needed
  • Extremely agile
  • Resistant to Ion/EMP damage
Weaknesses :
  • Lacks built in weaponry
  • Significant reduction of cognitive capacity when cut off from the force
  • Unique build style requires additional components to be purpose built to his chassis
  • EMP/Ion resistance can be compromised by temperatures reaching the melting point of the Fused Quartz Mesh
  • EMP/Ion resistance can be compromised by specific sonic frequencies
  • EMP/Ion resistance can be compromised by sustained damage from EMP/Ion weapons
Seishin was originally built as a proof of concept by a team of monastic engineers on Atrisia. He was designed and programmed as a typical assassin droid, with an organic learning capacity not normally built into droids. He was then trained in more pacifistic arts, specifically medicine and horticulture. He was taught how to meditate, despite his inorganic systems not needing rest or rejuvenation in such ways. This provided a more balanced personality than typical for assassin droids, where IG-88 is considered to be typical.

The Sith rule of Atrisia brought a change to Seishin's living situation. His monastery was assaulted, and he was deactivated. It wasn't until the Alliance liberated Atrisia that he was reactivated. A human who only identified herself as Mother reactivated and repaired him. Her expertise with his systems should have told him who she had been, but his memory of his earlier life was incomplete. As part of his rehabilitation, he was joined with a Shard that the monastery had once held within its computer systems. Once integrated, the Shard shared personality with Seishin, giving him a more rounded one.
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