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Become the Crisis
@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]


It was rare for Circe to come into more civilized space, but she had chosen to dedicate herself to a new cause - that of archaeology. Here on Odryn, there were the ruins of an ancient temple once worshiped at by the Feeorin people, a place known as the Sanctum of the Exalted. There were old artifacts here that Circe wished to add to her personal collection on Serpena. She had brought along Yun-Harla, one of the Fringe's leaders, in order to assist her in finding these artifacts once stored there.

"Well, here are the ruins. You sense anything, Harla?"
Taiia's Shadow
Roleplay Judge
Spencer reached up for her mask and removed it, she answered to the nick name all the same. She had been summoned to help search for relics. The young woman usually worked alone searching the far reaches of the galaxy for different types of relics and holocrons. Holocrons were her specialty and she had a knack of finding them deep with in ruins and it was as if the relics cried out through the force for her.

“It’s just us; just call me by my name”

Stepping forward towards the ruins and sighed softly. She would have to focus; there was a lot of force energy circling the Sanctum. Spencer closed her eyes and took in a deep breath; slowly she reached out into the force searching through the strings that tied them together. A soft vibration hummed in her ear and that only meant one thing…

“There’s a few things, we’ll have to move deeper you prepared?”

@[member="Circe Savan"]
Become the Crisis
"I'm prepared, yes... We have a list here of artifacts that were located here when the facility was destroyed. Some of them should still be here, if only in pieces..."

And this was true. Assumedly, some things were here, and hopefully they would be in good enough condition to utilize, but for the time being she was focusing on getting whatever she could. Whatever wasn't in good enough condition to be used would be reforged and used as part of the suit of armor she intended to construct.

"Let's go, Spencer."

@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]