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Savea-type, Gunship

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  • Intent: To create a fast attack vessel for HVHAR, and the Mandalorians.

  • Image Source: Adam Kop // Deviantart (x)

  • Canon Link: Solar Ionization Cannons (x) | HR-IO4 Ion Railguns (x) | Mag-Pulse Warhead (x) | LE-8 Sensor Dampener (x) | Mark 5 Comm Scrambler (x) | Hyperwave Transceiver (x) | 804.z Holotargeting System (x) | Missile Deactivation Transmitter (x) | Aural Sensor (x) | Anti-Ion Emissions Tracer (x) | Tractor / Pressor (x) | Retribution (x) | Deflector (x) | Cap Drain (x)

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: Anti-Ion Mesh (x) | House Verd Hangar and Armory (x)

  • Manufacturer: House Verd Hangar and Armory (x)

  • Model: Atiogie-type, HVPC-S2 “Savea”

  • Affiliation: House Verd | Open Market [Contract Thread Required]

  • Production: Mass-Produced

  • Material:

    Quadanium-steel Plating, Outer Hull

  • Turadium/Durasteel Compound Liner

  • Alusteel-reinforced Hull

  • Tunqstoid Blast Doors

  • Transparisteel Viewports w/ Durasteel Shutter Rigs

  • Reinforced Duraplast Insulator between the Hull and Liner


Defenses: Low

Tractor / Pressor (x

Hangar: 0 Squadrons

Maneuverability Rating: Moderate

Speed Rating: Moderate

Hyperdrive Class: 3


  • Command Pit: Navicomputer, flight control, communications and a lot of the brains of the ship route here. Tactical controls, for weapons and shields are also here in the pit of the ship.​

  • Medical Bay: Fits five beds and an office for the doctor, a nurse’s station are crammed somewhere in the bay. Cabinets are stuffed with supplies ready for the rush of the battle. ​

  • Preservation: Two cyrobeds to hold the critically wounded until they can reach a proper hospital or hospital ship.​

  • Gun Controls: After getting coordinates from the pit, gun crews work to turn the guns and fire them as needed. Work turbolasers, ion cannons and mass driver cannons takes work and you’ll find the crew working to turn and fire when ready.​

  • Workshop: Houses workbenches and modification centers to work on weapons and armour.

  • Engineering: It keeps the ship going, if the pit is the brain of the ship the engineering is the heart. This is what keeps the Kirehe going, engineers work around the clock to keep their frigate going.​

  • Airlock: Houses suits and of course (the lovely airlock) where engineers suit up and repair the armor when they can (when the ship is out of combat). ​

  • Cabins: Where many of the crew sleep and relax, the Captain has their own room but the rest of the crew sleep six - eight per cabin. Sharing a joined latrine with another cabin, privacy is a commodity here.​

  • Galley/Mess: Food to feed the hungry crew is served here, warm meals to help them feel good. Cold beverages and songs are often served and sung as they talk about the old days and look ahead to the future.​

  • Armoury: Houses weapons both ranged and melee as well as armour and personal shields, there are several of these located throughout the ship. ​

  • Hydroponics: Unique to the Savea, Hydroponics however small serves to provide the crew with fresh produce. This also allows the crew of the ship to trade food as well as deliver it to settlements throughout Mando’ade space.

  • Refrigeration Chamber: Next to hydroponics allows the fresh produce to be kept fresh longer, as well as keeping fresh meats, cheese, and other products in good standing for longer periods of time as well.

  • Cargo Hold: Holds supplies as needed by the crew, when needed, also enables the vessel to transport items as well as people should the need arise.

  • Standard Warship Hazard and Damage Control Systems

  • Advanced Warship Sensors and Targeting Systems

  • Standard Warship Communications Systems

  • Standard Warship Environmental Control Systems

  • Standard Warship Tractor Beam


  • Ionization: Focused heavily on getting rid of shields and disabling enemy vessels, the Savea is equipped with Ion Railguns and Solar Ionization Cannons

  • Forward Facing: The Ion Railguns are forward facing only, meaning the Savea must be looking at her opponent in order to engage them with these guns.

  • Power Hog: Given the tremendous amounts of energy required to fire her weapons, the Savea will often have to choose which weapon to fire, the Ion Rails or the Solar Ionization Cannons.
When Amaya created the Auli’i she knew that her ship could more than perform admirably for the dual-role it was made for. She also knew it could not perform the role of gunship with a high efficiency. And so while she was on Naboo claiming the birthright bestowed to her by her mother Lady Ajira Cardei. The young engineer began to explore the world ion weapons as she looked through Theed Hangar’s catalogues and any notes left over by her mother. She then downloaded the preliminary schematics and began to tinker with them as she roamed the halls of the palace.

What came to her mind then was the inspiration necessary to complete the Savea. A mass-produced gunship with a focus on rapidly depleting enemy shields. Giving her vod and their fleet of ships the opening necessary to hammer home a finish. Secondly the ship would perform a secondary role, as the Mandalorians slowly rebuild, food would become a primary concern. These gunships could perform the task of transporting these goods as well as growing (minor) produce allowing for healthier and happier crews aboard them.
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