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Sarah Frostlight

Sarah Frostlight

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Name: Sara Frostlight
Faction: The Galactic Republic
Species: (humanoid wolf)
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 7ft 7' or 2.3114 meters
Weight:407 lb or 184.61kg
Eyes: icy blue
hair: (fur) black medium long, shading to grey and white, has typical "husky" "mask" face
Force Sensitive: Yes

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ very strong
+quick reflexes
+tough constitution
+can run quickly
+resistant to cold
+slow regeneration a lost finger would take at least a week to grow back
- headstrong and stubborn
- has issues with authority if she does not "believe" they are more dominant and or higher rank than she is, tends to "test" authorities percieved as weak
- considers "normal" temperatures hot, starts suffering above ~50-60F (treats it like its ~100 degrees)
-resistant to standard technological healing, bacta has little effect body rejects implants and cybernetics

Sarah stands approximately 2.3 meters tall meaning she is taller than most wookies but for all that she is huge, if you don't have someone standing beside her for reference she actually appears slender, and almost petite, her fur is typically between 1 and 3 inches in length, contributing to her sleek appearance.
Sarah grew up on Mindijar a remote world in the old unknown regions some travelers described it as a 3g version of Hoth. Due to the unrelenting cold the natives are adapted to the cold.
When Sarah went through her right of passage to adult status she successfully took down a Grandul (the equivalent of a Grizzly bear) single handed in melee combat. This accomplishment entitled her to military training where she exceled until she was framed for a crime she did not commit. Due to her previous service rather than being executed as would normally be the punishment for the crime she was accused of, she was instead banished and was allowed to take an ancient small craft that she managed to restore to marginal space worthiness this craft is an ancient fury-class interceptor (military transport) that is amazingly even functional as the basic chassis is approximately 4000 years old needless to say there are very few if any original parts left and it has developed a lot of maintenance issues due to jury-rigged repairs. the only systems that are really reliable at this point have to do with life support. The main advantage the ship has is that if it was able to be properly refitted with new engines a new power core and similar components the more modern equivalents are typically more compact and lighter for equivalent performance.
Sarah was initially just trying to get as far from "home" as possible, and after a few minor adventures that left her with about 7000 credits reduced her armor almost to ruins, and she only has 3 weapons remaining, a pair of blaster pistols, and a light repeater that is a couple breakdowns from the scrap heap.
Sara recently arrived on Coruscant with a couple of passengers, who hired her to deliver them and a small cargo intended for the Jedi temple, which allowed her to pay the fees to stay up to a month before she needs to make other arrangements for the ship.

an ancient "fury-class Interceptor" approximately 36m in length, with what was an amazing hyperdrive when it was new x1.5 it has a x18 backup, it has shields, and a nav computer, minimum crew of 1, optimal crew of 2 plus 2 gunners, up to 7 passengers, and 50 tons of cargo capacity it has 4 fire linked laser cannons firing forward and 2 concussion missile launchers with a 3 round magazine each
the main power system is a set of standard fuel cells with a supplimental solar array

Kills: none
Bounties: none


Kneel Before Zod
@Sara Frostlight What are you dog?

Sarah Frostlight

more of a placeholder atm, I am not a good artist/ photoshopper
I used a picture of my dogs head for the markings/mask I was thinking of, but the basic concept of the char/race is more like a wow worgen (in werewolf form) or a rifts dog boy but I can't find any pictures that really fit what I am seeing in my head
something sort of like http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2010/may/FWPlate.jpg
but more huskey/wolf in color, and of course if in armor more star wars less WoW
I actually really like this armor set http://i.imgur.com/gBhjK.jpg which looks like a screen shot from tor to me, but for my concept the lower legs are obviously wrong