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Approved NPC Sabbath ~ Joti's Strill Companion

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  • Intent: To provide Joti with a (somewhat) fuzzy friend.
  • Image Credit: Dibujando Monitos on tumblr.
  • Role: Joti's Pet\Animal Companion
  • Permissions: N\A
  • Links: Joti jjota, clan jjota, cin'vode, strill.

  • Age: 30
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species:
  • Species: Strill.
  • Appearance: 1 meter(3 feet) tall, Six legged and golden furred strill with dark leathery hide.Eyes are entirely golden with no visible pupil.
  • Name: Sabbath aka "Sabbs"
  • Loyalties: Joti Jjota
  • Notable Possessions: Neural implant allows Joti to command Sabbath from great distances, And See from Sabbath's POV via HUD link.
  • Personality: Curious, Lazy, Mischievous and Highly loyal to, and protective of Joti.
  • Training: Tracking, Gliding, Hunting, Fetch, And Violent games of tag the stormtrooper.
  • Combat Function: Reconnaissance, Ambush, Tracking.
  • Fast\Strong.
  • Capable of limited flight(gliding)
  • Heightened senses
  • Inon\EMP can temporarily disable implant.
  • Like all Strill, Humanoid males find Sabbath's odor repulsive, Unlike humanoid females, Which can give away Sabbath's position.
  • Territorial

Sabbath was found by Clan jjota alone with their parent within the secluded valley of Cin'Vode on concordia thirty standard years ago, When Sabbath and their parent(Black) came to the aid of the Alor's wife(Jordis jjota), Who was at the time, unbeknownst to the clan, pregnant, And had been attacked by a giant fanned rowl. Because of the hermaphroditic Strill's universal maternal instinct and heightened senses, They came to her aid, Fighting off the Giant Fanned Rowl long enough for the woman to escape. From there, they followed her back to the Cin'Vode, Staying with her until the child was born. That child was Joti Jjota, And Sabbath had protected her since childhood, Until the Red coronation. Shortly after, The clan fell into civil war. During the final battle between members of Clan Jjota, Sabbath's parent was killed by the Alor, Kariss Jjota, While defending Jordis, who had taken opposite sides during a clanwide civil war during the red coronation.
No one but Joti knows the fate of the other clan members. Sabbath had gone into hiding, Refusing to come out for years. With Joti's Return to Cin'Vode
however, Sabbath walks beside her once more.
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Hi there! I'll be reviewing your submission. I'm a judge-in-training, so this will require secondary approval.

This is a solid sub! However, it seems you have used the wrong template for it. Sabbath falls under the category of beast companion, while the template used is the one for an individual. I'll need you to edit the sub to conform to the appropriate template before passing this on.

Let me know if you need any help, or if you'd like me to move this to pre-Codex.

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This is looking good but now some parts of the template are missing or disorganized. As per the codex rules:
The entire template must be used in your submission. The template's base fields are not to be changed/removed/altered (...)
You'll need to:
  • Add the Links field in the Out of Character Information category (also, this one got mixed up with the Permissions field, I believe)
  • Separate Age, Force Sensitivity, Species and Appearance into their own list under Physical Information.
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