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Approved Planet Rysil II

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Atlas Kane



Name: Rysil II

Region: Unknown Regions
System: Rysil
Suns: 2 Suns called: Soques and Noquyr, both are G-Type main-sequence Stars that orbit around each other with a distance of about 732,483 km. 10 days per orbit.
Orbital Position: Habitable Zone
Moons: 1 perigee: 392,182 km, apogee: 413,836 km
Coordinates: J-3

Rotational Period: 28 Hours, the days get gradually longer over 5 days until a day is 30 hours. Then it declines to 28 hours over 5 days and then the cycle repeats.
Orbital Period: 382 Days

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 13,296 km
Atmosphere: Type I
Climate: Temperate
Average Temperatures:
Polar regions: -37°C – -29°C
Equator: 25°C – 34°C
Polar regions: -30°C – 21°C
Equator: 28°C – 37°C
Polar Regions: -26°C – -19°C
Equator: 31°C – 40°C
Polar Regions: -31°C – -23°C
Equator: 29°C – 39°C
Gravity: Slightly above Standard, not noticeable by humans.
Primary Terrain: Grassland, Mountains, Forests, Sand Dunes, etc.

Native Species: No sentient species
Immigrated Species: Humans, no longer on the Planet
Primary Languages: Galactic Standard Basic
Government: A Representative Democracy, in which every household would send one or more, depending on the size of the family, family members who would then represent that family in the village's council, which would have regular meetings every 15 days. The Jedi Master that had accompanied the colonists acted as a kind of major, who had the same rights as all the other representatives but had to organize the meetings and who would act as a mediator if there were any conflicts between two families.
Population: N/A
Demonym: N/A
Major cities: Village Ruins at about 23,41 lat/64,25 lon

Major Imports: N/A
Major Exports: N/A
Affiliation: N/A

Culture: Life was simple on Rysil II. There was a simple government, conflicts between colonists would be solved through negotiation, there was almost no crime due to everyone having enough resources available to them and whenever someone needed the other villagers would usually help them out. Almost every person on this planet was a farmer, but there were also smiths, technicians, bakers, tailors, etc. who exchanged their products for food. It was much like a medieval village, but with some highly advanced technology like Holo-communicators, advanced water filtration systems, blasters and a couple of other things that make life easier.
Technology: The humans that once live here mostly used the tools that they could make by using the natural resources of the planet and were thus not very advanced, but they did have some technology that the rest of the galaxy had, for instance Holo-communicators and Water Filtration systems, which they took with them when they left to settle on an isolated planet
History: There's not much except for the people that colonized this planet about 32 years ago. They had left the Republic to search for a place where they could live their lives away from all the war and conflicts that are so common among the galaxy. They were led by a former Jedi Master, who left the Jedi order because of his wish to have a family. They lived on this planet in peace until the Jedi Master died and a group of Zygerrian slavers attacked the planet about 12 years after the people came to the planet. They either killed or enslaved every villager on the Planet. The only survivor was Yasuo, who wasn’t captured or killed because he was at the grave of the Jedi Master, who was his father, when the Slavers attacked. After the slavers attacked they vanished as suddenly as they appeared, only leaving behind a destroyed village and Yasuo.
Notable PCs: Yasuo

Intent: To create my character's the homeplanet on which players can create their own stories or help me in developing my character, as well as providing the galaxy with a new planet that can be conquered and/or used for other purposes as well.

This is the first planet I ever made so please go easy on me.

The time humans lived on the planet is considerably high, so I am going to ask for information regarding their government (logically, they had to be ruled by someone), society, life on the planet.

Atlas Kane

@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] added the information, if you want more information about the people on the planet I'd be happy to provide more.

Atlas Kane

@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] Sorry for taking up so much of your time!

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Yasuo"] @[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]
Looks pretty good to me as well. I'd just like the intent to be revised. The wording you've put into it makes this entire planet seem more of a playground and resource pool for your character rather than a place where other characters can RP at and establish the lore of SWRP.

@Me when done!
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