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Romeo the Sin


Neutral Good for the Win

Name: Romeo Deira-Kana
RANK: Pawad..whatever, first rank ya know?
SPECIES: Mnenchei/Human
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 6, 3
HAIR: Redish/Orange
SKIN: Palish Grey

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Nimble combat skills-Being part Mnenchi makes him faster, jumper higher and do cool break dancing styles.
Brawler-He is able to fight much longer, and take more punishment then other fighters.

Cocky fighter-Tends to fight the way he wants, so listening is not his strong suit.
Trust- He does not trust anyone that he has not worked with before or just met. Takes time to get use to new people.


Crew about 1,000 of skilled Pirates, smugglers and cool people

Paint job changed to a black with yellow, plus the logo of a ropo!


Wat more can life bring? Romeo was born because of his messed up parents, his mother was a human jedi and his father a full born Mnenchi. They met on his homeworld because she had flown off course, being the man that he is. Fell in love with the stranger and had of course done it...why else would I be telling my life story, right? Anyway, they left the home world and traveled to some plain planet filled with nature. Being able to learn both tools of the trade, I had been able to grow up with being able to adept to normal interglatic life. Yet, the adventure of the universe had drawn me farther into the dark side of life.

Sure learning how to wield a lighersaber in the basic dueling style, which ever that was...kinda forgot. Then learning the basic of the force and to pilot a ship was cool. Still, as I grew up and soon left his family...I had started to deal with smugglers and other stuff. The stuff not important but I was able to have some fun, doing deals and fighting. His father had said they were warriors and so, I loved this type of stuff. The credits was what I was after and once I made enough, the world was my playground. Of course, what a better way to expand then to go out into the universe...kill some important people and just screw *#@! up you know?

That is where my tale comes into the world, so how is my life crew? Alright? Well just jump off the side of my ship, or try the air lock. The battle beyond that time, was quite simple. Attacking cargo ships, taking names and selling whatever was found to the nice buyers of the universe. Than out of nowhere was the day that I had betrayed the Confederacy trust, used there ship to attack a certain faction and kept the ship with a new crew.


Neutral Good for the Win
So I am going to be hung by a noose? How about I just help you noose @[member="Zack Danheir"] over there and let me go scotch free? Hmm? xD