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Roleplay With A Warg?

So, a lot has happened since I was last roleplaying here... Including the loss of the main person I roleplayed this character with (Both IC and OOC).

I do not want to simply shelve her. So I'm wondering if there's anyone who would be interested in writing with an Ageless Wildling?

I'm open to almost anything to be honest. At present she's roaming the icy world of Midvinter, and I have no legitimate way of getting her off there... I guess that's the only real requirement.

Feel free to hit me up here, via PM, or on Discord (Kioxes in the chat) if you're interested.
[member="Zaz Tal'Verda"]

Hey there!

I don't have anything in mind. Whichever thread (if there are other people that show interest) comes first will need to be on Midvinter, but outside of that stipulation I'm completely open to anything. Chance encounters tend to be more my thing, especially with this wild child.
[member="Serena Bouie"]

That sounds good to me. And most likely yes, unless [member="Zaz Tal'Verda"] had other plans. I can make it work either way, so we'll say Midvinter

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