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Roast me.


Citrus Dreams
His hair? WACK
His gear? WACK
His jewelry? WACK
His foot-stance? WACK
The way that he talks? WACK
The way that he doesn't even like to smile? WACK
Coopers Cooler

[member="Koda Fett"]

Ayda Elisantra

Angel of Mercy
I cannot roast you, Mr [member="Gib"] . But I can be available to treat you in the burn unit of my hospital. :)

Mr [member="Kaine Australis"] , I've sent you a PM yesterday. Seems it may have been missed by your person as it is still un-read. :)


Just under the upper hand.
[member="Ayda Elisantra"] I don't even have a sting. Besides, anyone speaking privately with [member="Kaine Australis"] should worry about getting their own treatments first.


Ayda Elisantra

Angel of Mercy
Well, I have little choice, as my system (Lianna) is currently under sith occupation. They updated the map and I woke up with sith overlords breathing down upon me.
My hospital needs now to build a sizable vessel to make a mobile hospital. I can't very well treat good people now in The Allied Tion Mdical Center.... and asking the sith overlords to build me a hospital ship will most likely land me in a real roasting pan.

So [member="Kaine Australis"] of MandalArms is whom I have sent a request to consider manufacturing me a sizable hospital ship, Mr. [member="Gib"] .
Had to even create a Minor Faction Doctors Without Borders to get a ship built for me larger than 500 meters. I'm going for max size of 2000 meters for the hospital ship and his company has the tier level of manufactoring to do it. :)

Ayda Elisantra

Angel of Mercy
Thank you Mr [member="Kaine Australis"].

I'll work on my sub and hope to post it soon for factory review. I currently have it as a WIP.

Mr [member="Gib"] , what I have seen of the sith of TSE, I will will keep to myself.
But to ask them to build me a full size mobile hospital for the sole purpose of providing humanitarian aid to perhaps some of the systems they left devastated.... I believe they will see it as a conflict of their interest. Besides, the Allied Tion Medical Center in sith space has dropped it's admission rate. Not many patients will travel to sith space for medical treatments.
As thus, the hospital needs an extension of its operation. A sizable hospital can warrant a faction of volunteer doctors, healers and medics.
Our goal is to provide medical assistance to systems under civil unrest, invasions, skirmishes etc..during and after such events.