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Riding The Trend

Hi, I'm Libby, and I'm a Chaos Junkie.

I don't think I've done one of these since the Writers Feedback area became a thing. Barring the past couple of weeks of insomnia/decreased posting, I've actually been back at Chaos pretty steadily for a while now. Figured I should post up one of these things to see how I'm doing.

Disclaimer: I know that I can be a little indecisive when it comes to which characters I have active, and I know my activity hasn't been the best the past couple of weeks for the aforementioned reasons. I'm looking for genuine feedback outside of these two things, so please don't beat a dead horse! <3

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Come at me, Chaos!

Kei Raxis

The Dead One
I'm gonna side with Carnifex.

One of the nicer writers on Chaos, one I've never butted heads with. Genuinely one of the better writers as well, someone who's constantly adapting with their characters and keeping stories fresh and exciting and fun.
One with the Force
[member="Asha Hex"]

It's been a personal pleasure getting to know you, someone I consider a close and highly valued friend here on Chaos. You've done an extraordinary job with The Je'daii Order, and ironically we've discovered several other circles that you and I both share. You're certainly one of the best writers I've been privileged to share in threads with and you go beyond yourself for the sake of others, when and where possible.

Like me, I think perhaps you could be a little easier on yourself. I've told you that you're quite a popular (big) name around Chaos and we can already see there are others that would agree with me. When you're getting praise from someone like the DLotS for example, you must be doing something right xD


Rickhardt Netherbane

Supreme High Marshall
[member="Asha Hex"]

A common problem we all fall into with Play by Post RP is Dialogue. The tendency is to string together answers to everything a person before us says in the 'answer, prose, answer' format and as people we don't usually talk like that. You do it. I do it. A lot of us do it. It's hard not to when characters are talking and we don't want to write three lines then wait for a response. However, it tends to make the over all story read funny, right? Anyway, that would be an area to look at for ways to improve. I know I'm trying to "fix" my dialogue personally and you do the same thing I do. So, yeah, grain of salt and all that.

"The revolution has begun!" -Korg
[member="Rickhardt Netherbane"]

Definitely something to work on! It's easier if I do shorter posts, or focus more on beefing them up with descriptors also.

I think part of my problem is I don't want people to feel like I'm needlessly dragging out the roleplay. But yes, definitely something I'll work on fixing as much as it's possible to fix! :)

Thankye Kooorg

Thal Mantis

I feel as, and this is coming from someone who you write with frequently- you have a connection with a character that's too strong, and that you can't break it. I feel as though if you wanted Asha to stay dead, then that should have been that. I enjoy the stories that you've written since then, but I feel also that you don't need to rely on one character (or the legacy of them) to further your plotlines, I feel as though you could do better with a new, organic storyline (in which you've done) but I feel as though you focus hard on old characters, too.

[member="Asha Hex"]

Honestly? I've wanted to start clean several times now, in terms of not relying on old characters (namely Asha and Kara) and their offspring for my stories. But there's always the issue of other people now enjoying writing with those characters. I completely understand what you're saying, and I appreciate the insight. There are a couple of things I need to learn to let go of, I do cling to old characters but it's honestly more so for others who wrote with them than it is for myself. This strange sense of guilt I start to feel when it comes to writing is something I really need to work on.