Star Wars RP

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Returning? Maybe. Muse? Possibru

​Hello Fella's and Cinderella's. Possible Umbrella's? (For the Mr.Roboto's)

​I might be back? Only took me three months to miss you all this time instead of years. My life has been, a bucket of magma turmoil and eye rolling. But, I'm done with that. So, I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect recently and after watching Infinity War. I just felt y'know, inspired. And obviously this is one of the best places to put that sort of inspiration.

​I found the Krogan's dilemma with the Genophage particularly compelling and Infinity War? Just reminded me of some crazy stuff that happens on here. So, I've been cooking up an idea.

​Here's a link to my LFG and an expansion on the idea. Thanks. c:

​And on that note, I just want to sincerely apologise to anyone I've offended on here. I wanna start over, and just write.