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Rebellion Rule Clarification

Success or Death.
As The Sith Empire is being rebelled I thought to myself, "Why, it is time to brush up on those rebellion rules!" However, in reading through I came to this passage:
  • Any other Minor Faction may join the Rebellion by posting their intention in the same thread.
This made me question, what are the restrictions on who can join a Rebellion? Is it open for everyone, or is it only open for members of the minor factions that declare themselves and the members of the major faction being rebelled?

There is no explicit statement on this in the rebellion rules, which could lead to confusion and troublesome instances down the road.

Thank you for your attention.
The Restless
[member="Darth Ophidia"]

From my experience with a previous Rebellion not too long ago. I think it could be open to everyone? But I could possibly wrong as this is coming from personal experience.
[member="Darth Ophidia"]

Members belonging to the minor factions that have stated their intent to rebel in the same thread may join the rebellion.

Note: Any member on the board may create a minor faction and state their intent to join the rebellion under that minor faction.
[member="Ever Dawnracer"]

The rules state that minor factions and their members may participate if they declare the rebellion. So long as you're a member of one of the declared minor factions you may participate.

Otherwise no, there's no request for aide slots.
Success or Death.
Thank you [member="Jamie Pyne"]

One more thing, if I may. Can minor factions join the side of the major faction or do they stand alone against the rebelling minors?