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Approved Tech RCD-B4 Buzz-type Sabotage Droid

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  • Intent: To create an advanced sabotage droid for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
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  • Outer shell coated with duravlex heat-absorbent alloy.
  • Electromagnetic sensors to detect starship weak points.
  • Shock-absorbent shell and chassis.
  • Magnetic appendages.
  • Saboteur: The Buzz-type is absolutely built to be the bane of any vehicle or ship. Its heat-absorbent shell lets the Buzz-type be able to pass through deflector shields when in its shell form, and once out of its shell it is able to use a combination of repulsorlifts and appendages to move securely around a ship. Magnetic grippers also allow the Buzz-type to securely stick to a ship's hull no matter what speed, and in different atmospheres and environments. Once attached to the side of the ship, the Buzz-type is able to use a variety of tools to sabotage ship systems, cutting through hulls, ripping out wirings, and fusing components together to make a ship unflyable.
  • Pest: The Buzz-type is strictly a droid for sabotage, preferably against smaller classes of ships. As such, the Buzz-type will have little effect against capital ships with hulls of standard star-destroyer grade. Similarly, once the droid emerges from its shell its movement is very slow and it loses its primary armor, meaning it has little practical use against infantry or as infantry itself.
Based off of the Pistoeka sabotage droid, a model that was used to a great extent and lethality in the waning years of the ancient Clone Wars, the RCD-B4 Buzz-type Sabotage Droid is intended to bring back that lethality and destruction to the modern battlefield. Intended to disable rather than outright destroy their targets, the Buzz-type is designed to be launched out of ships or missiles onto starfighter and corvette hulls; once attached via their electromagnetic grippers, the droid is free to wreak absolute havoc on their enemy. Saws, plasma torches, and drills only make up some of the various tools at the Buzz-type's disposal, enabling the droid to cut through holes, fuse together incompatible wirings, and turn perfectly-good ships into unflyable messes. All-in-all, the Buzz-type is a very effective droid in sabotaging any sort of ship.
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