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Open Market RCAA Superweapon Design Auction


Purveyor of Fine Weaponry
Well folks, they've taken the training wheels off, and it's time to go full send up in the Factory. We all know that only a handful of superweapons are actually going to get used, but since they're free game for the moment, I want to get in on this. And by get in on this, I mean I want an excuse to make the wildest, most absolutely batshit insane superweapon the site has ever seen, or ever will see.


If you want your faction to be the one that ends up with it, all you have to do is participate in the following auction.

  • Bids will consist of the following: one seemingly mundane object or concept, married to a suitably destructive/impressive object or concept. For instance, nuclear trebuchet, lightspeed burger flipper, radioactive hedgehog, or random number accelerator.
  • Bids must come from a major faction representative. Not necessarily the owner or staff, but someone who has the authority to make the assurance that said device will be used.
    • Minor factions may be considered, provided they have concrete plans to go major before the submission is sent to the Factory.
  • Bidding will be open until approximately lunchtime on March 8th, 2021.
  • The winning idea will be the one that incites the most deliciously evil laugh. I am, after all, a mad scientist, and I have standards. A devious chuckle or mischievous giggle simply won't do. If two or more ideas meet the criteria, I'll consider doing others as well, depending on scheduling and the amount of work involved.
If you've participated in my auctions before, you know what's at stake. It costs you nothing to enter, but could earn you the sort of insanity that gives anyone in a position of authority nightmares.
Son of Triam
Hello, I'm with the Darkwire administration :p

Here are my idea submissions:
  • Atmospheric Glitterification Bomb
  • Psychic Advertising Broadcaster
  • Product Loyalty Biological Re-organization Virus
  • Nanogenic Hallucinatory Domesticator
  • Non-Sentient Uplifting Voting Population Explosion
More to come, let me know of you need some elaboration on any of those lol
Dangerous Beauty
I'm not in the leadership of Darkwire, but my idea for a shadowrunner-style superweapon would be like a planetary trojan horse that affects every computer on the planet and anything connected to a computer network or satellite. It's an intelligent program, so it would come up with creative ways to kill and cause as much destruction as possible. Droids would become killing machines. Auto-turreted weapons would target friendlies. Computer controlled safteys on critical infrastructure would fail. Traffic controls would cause collisions of all manner of transit craft. Life support systems would actively seek to suffocate people. You get the picture.

edit: I guess I missed the part where it said you were making batshit insane weapons.
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