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Approved Species Rayijadni Nexu

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  • Name: Rayijadni Nexu
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • Homeworld: [SIZE=9pt]Valrar[/SIZE]
  • Language: Hisses, roars, other feline noises
  • Average Lifespan: 30 years
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: At first glance, one would assume the creatures were just normal nexu, apart from the red eyes and if only a little bigger. At second glance, you probably can't see it anymore except for two pairs of red eyes. Third glance, you're already dead.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average height of adults: 1.5 meters
  • Average length of adults: 4.5 meters
  • Skin color: Pale pink
  • Hair color: White to brown (normally)
  • Distinctions: Many of the distinctive traits of a common nexu are still prevalent. The razor sharp teeth in the grin, the four eyes, the sharp claws, the tails.
  • Races: No other races
  • Strengths:
  1. In her curiosity, the Lady of Secrets, using Sith alchemy to combine the traits of nexu and hssiss together. The creation could now, much like the hssiss, turn itself partially invisible by using Force Cloak.
  2. Another carry over from the combining of hssiss and nexu was the claws and teeth of the new creature now carried an extremely potent dark side venom that can either kill its victim or poison their minds with rage, depending on the severity of the wound.
  3. A carry over from the original nexu template, the new creature still retains its ability to see into the infrared spectrum with its second pair of eyes
  4. Claws and teeth have been enhanced by Sith alchemy to be even sharper than on a base nexu, with the claws even being able to slice through some light and medium armors
  5. The quills on their back, much like with her Ravagers, can be fired as a projectile weapon by the creature and they slowly regenerate as they consume their meals
  6. The new creatures retain their sharp instincts and reflexes from the original base creature
  • Weaknesses:
  1. Bright sudden lights, such as a flashbang or other equally powerful and sudden bursts of light, can permanently blind them
  2. The quills on their back, while an effective projectile weapon, cannot pierce even light armors, let alone anything heavier.
  3. A curious side effect of their creation is if exposed to cold temperatures or attacked with a weapon like carbonite or cryoban, the creature;s claws and teeth will break apart, leaving them literally toothless and clawless
  4. If they encounter a ysalamir, void stone, or other thing that negates the Force, they lose their ability to use Force Cloak while within that bubble
  5. A very curious side effect, tied to void stone in particular, is if exposed to the substance, the creature's venom will turn on it, throwing them into a feral frenzy that results in death after a few minutes
  6. Force Light and other direct applications of the light side can wound them severely or outright kill them
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Hisses, screeches, roars. Can also understand orders given by their masters
  • Technology level: No technology level
  • Religion/Beliefs: No religion or belief system
  • General behavior: Rayijadni Nexu act much like their original counterparts, preferring to use stealth when hunting prey. With their abilities, it makes them that much better at hunting. They are also effective guardians, if need be, as they are extremely territorial against anything that is not of their pack. Packs typically involve a male and female, and their cubs, until the cubs are roughly two years of age. Once they reach that age, the cubs will typically go off on their own to find new territory and mates.

Yet another experiment born out of curiosity for the Lady of Secrets, the Rayijadni Nexu are what happens when a curious Sith Lady abducts several nexu from Cholganna and several hssiss from Ambria, takes traits from the hssiss, and uses Sith alchemy to incorporate them into the nexu. The rainforests and jungles of Valrar were perfect for the creature, especially with their enhanced stealth abilities thanks to the Force Cloak ability gained from the hssiss. Once they were created, and like many of her other Sithspawn creations, the Lady of Secrets released them out into the planet to breed and carve territory for themselves among her other monsters.

Not to be outdone with just granting them the ability of Force Cloak, the Lady of Secrets also incorporated the dark side venom of the hssiss into the claws and teeth of the new creature, giving it an even worse way to kill prey. However, a curious side effect from the process left the teeth and claws of the creature susceptible to shattering when exposed to cold temperatures. The quills on its back are able to be fired as projectiles, and it can see into the infrared spectrum. All in all, this is designed to be a stealth predator, and a very good one at that.

Unfortunately, all creations have some weaknesses. Flash bangs and other bright flashes of light can permanently blind the creature, and if they are exposed to void stone, their venom will turn on the beast itself. This results in them going feral before dying an agonizing death. And, as always, Force Light and other direct applications can severely wound or kill the creatures.

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