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Random Images Cropping Up

Remember that time I hated myself because I shared the rank title .PSD file with the community and then everyone went on a rank title splurge, throwing them in their signatures and stuff? And we didn't stop you, only asked that you kept it to 4 minimum, because we're masochists?

Well, some of these images were hosted on free hosting sites and technical difficulties are arising, such as many of them being deleted and/or replaced by random photos by other users on those free hosting sites.

An example:


Please be wary of using free hosting site's images, and understand the consequences that lay within. If you do not remove these images yourselves and continue to allow them to wreck the forum, Staff will be forced to take action.

As for me, I use imageshack's premium hosting, so I too could fall victim to this. It could happen to anyone. Please just take precaution when using these sites and solve the issues yourselves in a timely manner.


PhotoBucket will never have this problem occur. This usually happens because TinyPic has a bad algorithm for assigning URLs for pictures because it has a very, very limited amount of characters for its URL's since.

ImageShack does not have such a limit. Neither does PhotoBucket.