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  • Intent: To provide Jedi Master Avoim Oeymo with a custom and unique Astromech droid for multiple purposes.
  • Image Credit: Wookieepedia
  • Role: Multi-Role (Engineer, Mechanic, Sidekick, Aide)
  • Links: [member="Avoim Oeymo"]
  • Age: 3 Galactic Standard Years.
  • Model: R9-Series
  • Appearance: V3 is a standard looking R9 unit for the most part, save its primary black paintjob and slight rusting on its chassis. On the inside of its torso compartment a small rebel symbol is visible.
  • Name: R9-V3 (R9, V3, Arr-Nine, Vee-Three)
  • Loyalties: Avoim Oeymo
  • Notable Possessions:
    Remote Starship Starter
  • Antitheft Comlink Locator
  • Repulsorcam
  • Scomp Link
  • Axillary Jets
  • Hidden lightsaber compartment with ejector
  • Motorized All-Terrain Treads
  • Internal Comlink

[*]Personality: R9-V3 is a standard droid, though it is three years old and has yet to have any memory wipe, the droid as such has started showing some personality traits that normally don't appear in other members of its line. He tends to think that he knows better than his Master, tending to bring his Lightsaber in its hidden compartment even if told not to do so for varying reasons.
[*]Combat Function:
  • Audio-Radial Stunner
  • Taser
  • Electric Pike

R9-V3 is Jedi Master Avoim Oeymo's personal Astromech, he is usually found near the Jedi Master or performing day to day maintenance on Avoim's StealthX. V3, or VeeThree, was built by the Jedi Master before he left his mother and former Padawan to replace the droid brain that was in charge of the hyperspace calculations of the StealthX. V3 has been with Avoim for most of his time with the Rebellion, and as such has a tendency to disobey.


The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
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