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Approved NPC R2-3Z

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  • Intent: Support Character vital to my character's growth (i.e. Easy is to Jim Pehico to what Chewbacca is to Han Solo)
  • Role: Co-Pilot and best friend to Jim Pehico
  • Links: N/a
  • Age: N/A
  • Model: R2 Unit
  • Appearance: ​R-Series Astromech, Silver and Green paint job
  • Name: R2-3Z, "Easy"
  • Loyalties: Formerly Naboo, Currently Jim Pehico
  • Wealth: N/a
  • Notable Possessions: N/a
  • Skills: Slicing, Co-Piloting, Reapairing
  • Personality: R3-3Z is a very anxious counterpart. He is easily frightened and will talk constantly if nervous. He is a polar opposite to his master Jim Pehico. That being said he is extremely reliable and loyal to his master. Though he might not be the greatest astromech in the world, Jim wouldn't trade him for nothing.
  • Weapon of Choice: ​Electric Pike
  • Combat Function:
  • Underdog- No one would suspect an R2 unit to attack them, however R2-3Z will attack anyone if provoked or if Jim was in danger
  • ​Not very deadly- Nothing that R2-3Z can do is very lethal besides releasing oil and setting his enemy on fire.
  • ​No health- a well placed blaster bolt will destroy an R2 unit, they were never meant for combat.
Easy has been apart of the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps for the longest time. After years of serving mediocre pilots (Which he was fine with) Easy finally met his match, Jim Pehico. Though they were a adversaries at first. Easy eventually eased up on Jim Pehico, they quickly became friends. Once Jim was apart of the Honor guards he was offered to receive a brand new R4 unit, however he stood by his friend and kept R2-3Z. When Jim's ship was hacked and attacked the Queen's ship, R2 was able to override the system and got Jim out of there before he was killed. That being said, R3-EZ is now adjusting to his new life as an outlaw
[member="Jim Pehico"]

Hi there! Welcome to the Codex! I'll be your judge for this submission and help set the precedent for what we do here. I, for one, love to give you guys what you want in a fairly quick and painless process. After an initial read-through of this, I see no qualms whatsoever but would like just a couple of things to be explained for me. :)

Jim Pehico said:
Skills: Splicing, Co-Piloting, Hacking, Reapairing
This. Do you mean Slicing, the Star Wars version of hacking? Or the act of splicing, combining two things? Don't mean to be nitpicky about it, but it's a real quick and easy fix for you.

That's all i've got for now, my guy. Tag me when you're done making edits and we'll go on from there.
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