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droid companion

  1. C.E.R.A.

    Character  C.E.R.A. (Cybernetic Engineered Recon Assistant)

    Name: C.E.R.A. Ht: 5'4 Weight: 145 lbs Frame: Thin/ Average Force sensitive: N/A Hair: Brunette Eyes: White/Blue Strengths: 1) Threat assessment: Capable of determining hostiles based on demeanor and or actions 2) Rhythmic detection: Can sense the emotional state of beings, helping...
  2. Jasper Kai'el

    Approved NPC  GH-PY447, "PYF"

    GH-PY447, "PYF" OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To give my character a traveling companion. Image Credit: Made using photoshop and this Destiny 2 model gallery. Role: Sidekick Permissions: N/A Links: Jasper Kai'el's Bio PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 7 Model: GH05-T Spark Appearance: A 13...
  3. Jasper Kai'el

    Approved Tech  GH05-T SPARK

    GH05-T SPARK OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a mass produced droid companion. Image Source: This Artstation Artist Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Cybot Galactica Affiliation: N/A Market Status: Open-Market Model...
  4. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Approved Tech  Garmr Battle Dog Mk1

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Short-range combat companion for special combat units in the Nomadic Peoples Coalition. Image Source: Wolfenstien video game (X) politically controversial symbols blotted out by yours truly. Please inform me if I missed any. Canon Link: N/A Permissions...
  5. Scherezade deWinter

    Approved NPC  Twinkle Doom

    Intent: A droid companion for Scherezade deWinter. Image Credit: [X] Role: Companion, SEO genius, business executive extraordinaire, friend. Permissions: n/a Links: Scherezade deWinter A Guy Like You - the thread in which the droid was acquired Whimsy Age Exterior: About twelve years...
  6. L

    Approved NPC  R9-T1 "Rowdy"

    R9-T1 "ROWDY" OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Mechanic on the Rebel Outcast ​Image Credit: [x] Role: Ship’s Mechanic | Co-Pilot Links: Rebel Outcast PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 4 Model: R9-Series Astromech Droid Appearance: Rowdy is an R9-series astromech with a domed head fitted with his...
  7. D

    Approved NPC  Armstrong

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A droid who's employed by Roy as a worker/companion ​Image Credit: Role: Sidekick/Helper for Roy and his activities Links: Roy PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 28 Years since last reactivated Model: Loadlifter Droid...
  8. E

    Approved NPC  Omen

    -= OMEN =- OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To transfer a former player character to the NPC format. ​Image Credit: Billy Nunez Role: Artificial Intelligence owned by the First Order Security Bureau. Links: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 1 month since activation. Model: N/A, The Omen...
  9. Dayne Inck'ha

    Approved NPC  Darius the Choomba

    trust me, you'll want to see the picture in its original size. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make the droid stolen by Dayne canon. ​Image Credit: [Original Picture] [Source of Picture] Role: It cleans Dayne's ship, and sometimes provides amusement on the rare occasion people with...
  10. Enyo Typhos

    Approved NPC  Annabelle

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Expand on Archangel a bit. Make a more unusual HRD. Image Credit: Here. 'Newt' from 'Aliens'. Role: Infiltration droid, spy, and handler for agents. Permissions: Permission for all ArmaTech/Alderaan Engineering gear and all other subs made by Laira Darkhold's...
  11. O

    Approved NPC  Vanessa

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a droid Secretary character for Zeke and flesh out some of the main crew of the K'uur, Zeke's personal flagship ​Image Credit: "Female Android" by Sinate Role: Aide, Escort, and Bodyguard Links: MandalMotors PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: Less than 10...
  12. Ayessa Kroan

    Approved NPC  R2-C4

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub for Ayessa’s (And [member="Rook Lokar"]’s) relatively faithful astromech companion and staunch member of their crew. Image Credit: X Role: Somewhere between a crew member, a personal assistant and a flight attendant, Cee-Four’s main role is assisting...
  13. D

    Approved NPC  V1-A1

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To serve as a pilot for Dano Dil's freighter, since he doesn't know how to fly very well. ​Image Credit: Role: Pilot PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age...
  14. Zinrark Mantis

    Approved NPC  Talus

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a friend for Zinrark Mants ​Image Credit: (image) "Space predator" by Tien Y Fu of recolored by [member="Bambi"] (x) Role: to be a friend, co-pilot and combat help Links: original sub PHYSICAL INFORMATION...
  15. Kalic Daws

    Approved NPC  G3-D9 “Jee”: Kalic’s Gunner

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To be a droid companion for Kalic Daws, and operate at the droid and gunner for the Y-Wing Star Crest. ​Image Credit: Role: Jee is a friend, gunner, and astromech to Kalic. Links...
  16. Kat Decoria

    Approved NPC  M1-NI "Shorty" - Kat's helpful droid

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Provide Kat a companion for her mechanic work and flying ​Image Credit: Image Role: Sidekick, comedic partner and mechanical assistant Links: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 2 Months Model: Appearance: White and...
  17. Amara Zarides

    Approved NPC  Zhenya Karius

    Zhenya Karius OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a companion and bodyguard for Amara. This is an HRD created by [member="Enyo Typhos"] with the aim of keeping her little ‘sister’ safe. It therefore has the strengths and weaknesses inherent in a machine. ​Image Credit: Here. Black...
  18. BX-25233

    Approved NPC  Iron

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a droid friend for BX-25233 ​Image Credit: [X [X] [X] [X [X] photoshoped by me Role: Friend Links: Rifle Pistol Whip relevant thread PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 43 years Model: BX Commando Droid Appearance: Iron is a blue and white BX Commando...
  19. Errreembuhr

    Approved NPC  WS-2001 "Talus"

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide a POV character within EODD military forces for use in RP ​Image Credit: Tom Zhao Role: Ground troop unit commander Links: EODD, Wyyyschokk-series Super Battle Droid PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: Under 1 year (droid) Force Sensitivity: N/A Species...
  20. Ravenfire

    Approved NPC  Crow

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To give Rex a combat Compainon ​Image Credit: Role: Combat, Sidekick Links:,
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