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Quinn Silk

Quinn Silk
"There's small choice in rotten apples"
Taming of the Shrew

Social Information
Name: Quinn Silk
Alias: Miss Silk
Faction: N/A
Occupation: Swindler/Courtesan
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Currently Living: In the engineering deck of the Tart Cart
Languages spoken: Galactic basic, Zeltron & Huttese
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Information
Species: Human/Chev mix
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6" (1.67 meters)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Eye colour: Honey Brown
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dark Brown
Scars/Tattoos: Several nonsensical tattoos on her thighs and upper arms

Force Sensitive: No
Force Alignment: N/A

  • Street Smart: What Quinn severely lacks in academic prowess and technical know-how is made up for with an innate survivability in the urban jungles throughout the galaxy. Pick pocketing, lock-picking and traversing the deluge of lower societies is a mere chore for the woman, something she milks for all its worth.
  • Intuitive: Having grown up surrounded by questionable individuals with questionable morals, Quinn has garnered a particularly strong intuition that keeps her well away from immediate danger. She can sense an easy mark from a more difficult one and will be the first to flee trouble if she catches wind of it.
  • Charismatic: It is only through her whimsy charm and silver tongue has the woman known as Miss Silk survived. A natural salesperson and a keen perpetrator of winning over people's attention, Quinn is an innately jovial woman who can sway affection and attention where she sees fit.

  • Slothful: A woman who has actively avoided much responsibility in her life, Quinn has made it a habit to palm off genuine work to those she believes better suited for a task (which would be a majority of individuals). She has grown comfortable drifting through life and is content with simply enjoying it while it lasts.
  • Careless: Although she considers herself a self-styled pro at duping and deceiving, Quinn is reckless with her charm and is more prone to improvising on the spot than she is at planning. Not the sort to think two steps ahead, the perpetually negligent swindler will more often than not get herself into trouble by over-extending her mischief.
  • Alcoholic: An addictive personality coupled with a genuine interest in intoxicating liquids make for a bad cocktail when it comes to Quinn. Although she isn't an overtly self-destructive drunk, the woman's reliance on the substance becomes deeper and deeper the further she drifts into her wistful nihilism.
  • Duel Hearts: Due to her father's heritage (of which she has no idea), Quinn was born with two hearts instead of one. This anomaly has granted her surprising levels of stamina and granted the woman a longer life span than most.
  • Kleptomaniac: Something that drives the woman and often asserts itself in her decision making, she is very prone to thievery for the sheer point of thievery. This habit has afforded her as many blessings as it has caused her problems.

With a slender build and bony features, Quinn toes the line between scrappy androgyny and a lithe elegance. Dark hair, often tussled, frames perpetually coquettish features and tumbles just above the bow of her collarbones. Arched brows crown large doe shaped eyes, the brown orbs skittish and forever fluttering with the woman's generous lashes. Peachy lips grace the lower half of the courtesan's face, a striking feature that has garnered her some level of acclaim from the clientele she frequents. Her mouth is often curled in a smirk, as if it were two jokes away from a gleeful laugh.

Quinn is deliberate with her motion and movement, a young woman who is prone to theatricality when conveying emotions and her manner of speech (think of a Cajun accent) is peppered with alien slang and courtesan patois.

She is often garbed in jewelry (scammed off of unwitting participants in her sneaky endeavors) and prefers clothing that is light and easy to maneuver in. Due to her rather liberal upbringing, Quinn has no qualms with dressing provocatively and has little time for modesty unless it directly plays into a credit grabbing ploy of some sort.


Fast talking, utterly shameless and a failure in self-control, Quinn is a young woman who prances atop the fickle precipice of luck and the scant fortune her silver tongue can garner her. Having accepted her flaws, of which there are many, the scrappy courtesan has seamlessly floated through life making as many deals as she has broken them and escaping the repercussions by the skin of her teeth. Her willful carelessness coupled with the positive nihilism has enabled the swindler to create her own meaning and joy in a universe that is, to her, utterly pointless.

Dictated by little other than her own selfishness and survival, Quinn utilizes her feminine wiles and silly schemes to net herself a comfortable existence outside of the bedrooms of those that require her services. A connoisseur of credits without any shred of appreciation for the work involved for such a thing, the woman is a flagrant offender of enjoying rewards (earned or not) without putting in any of the effort to earn them. This also applies to her views on love. Due to her position in society, Quinn has found that the easily attainable and enjoyable exploits of lust and casual encounters have given her all the physical satisfaction and attention she requires. What point is genuine love if there's so much work involved?

Although she has been grafted by her upbringing and lingering threads of apathy, Quinn does possess some semblance of care for those that earn her respect. Although her sincerity can be questionable and the manner of her affection sometimes unconventional, Quinn does mean well when she goes out of her way to treat those that she trusts.


Quinn was born under unusual circumstances. Neither her, nor her mother, nor her mother's friends knew who the father was and any bid to track down the mysterious giver of life was promptly left in the past. Unusual perhaps, but entirely believable for a young whore trapped in the undercity of Nar Shaddaa. Yelilah, a human prostitute working under the thumb of a Hutt, was one of the many ill-equipped young sex workers who'd been touched by the fertile hands of fate itself. Choosing to keep the child, as a sign of good fortune, Yelilah gave birth to Quinn on the eve of a red moon.

Quinn, a wide eyed baby with a mop of dark hair, held no name other than her own and was given the moniker of all children born within the brothels of the undercity. 'Silk' was to be her surname, one that would let any knowledgeable individual on the crime riddled society know that she was the bastard spawn of a whore and an unknown father. Many tried to guess her heritage, for she possessed little in the way of any physical oddities when many of her fellow mongrels did. Such was a game that the girl came to know for most of her childhood, with soothsayers and the occasional gambler attempting to gaze into a biology that confused those that wandered the velvety red light district.

With barely any formal education to keep her mind engaged, Quinn was instead taught by the multitude of folks that crossed her path in her formative years. At times she'd be gifted with nuggets of knowledge by the men that visited her mother with the rest of her learning attained by the ladies that filled the rooms of the brothel that became her home.

Such an environment wasn't the most wholesome for a wide eyed child but it was enough to keep her happy, and most importantly, alive.

Having been tasked with cleaning the brothel alongside her fellow bastards ever since she was old enough to walk, Quinn was quickly absorbed in the institution's way of life and it was only until she became a teenager was she given the choice to join the ranks of her mother and the countless women that raised her. It was a day she'd seen coming and one that she accepted as part of her reality, still, the girl was not daunted by the prospect of living the life of the women that offered her nothing but good memories.

Still, Quinn decided that she'd leave the option until later down the line. Her natural curiosity and the gnawing hedonism in the pit of her gut demanded she experience whatever it was that existed outside of the silken walls of her home.

At first she decided to be a street performer, tagging along with a motley theater troupe and playing characters she'd only been told of in stories. Then she decided to dabble in the spice trade, although her age and lack of subtlety caused any potential buyer to avoid her. What else could a sevnteen year old be other than a devious honeypot owned by the authorities? Once her little stint in drug dealing ended in failure, the girl became a courier between the gangs of the undercity, taking meager portions of their produce for herself and placing the blame on another party if she were ever confronted. It gave her thrill, taking what wasn't exactly hers and this habit grew only deeper as she became older.

All these experience offered Quinn a deeper understanding of the galaxy and the intricacies of human interaction. She thrived off of socializing and knew that her charm would endear her to the sort of men she'd only ever known growing up.

It was several weeks after her eighteenth birthday did Quinn Silk, daughter of Yelilah Silk, approach the Hutt that owned her and told him of her plan. Gleeful with her proposal, as one would expect of a greedy slug, the Hutt quickly propped the girl as the brothel's newest and freshest attraction. She was to be of an exclusive quality, the sort that only the big spenders could afford, and once word came around that the Silk street had found its new darling men of high standing came for the nectar that lay between Quinn's thighs.

Credits upon credits were earned and having tasted the rewards of her work, the young woman strove for more. She'd become adept at conning those that came for her flesh and with all the shameless zeal a fresh faced courtesan could muster, Quinn managed to garner herself enough savings to leave the brothel and the chains that bound her to the place. With a kiss on the cheek to all those that raised her and a risky slap on the rump to the Hutt that regrettably let her go, Quinn hopped on to the first carrier vessel that whisked her away from the only place she'd ever known.

With her pockets half empty and her eyes looking towards the future, the bastard born of silk and sin headed off onto her next risque con...
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Quinn Silk said:
Alcoholic: An addictive personality coupled with a genuine interest in intoxicating liquids make for a bad cocktail when it comes to Quinn. Although she isn't an overtly self-destructive drunk, the woman's reliance on the substance becomes deeper and deeper the further she drifts into her wistful nihilism.
I feel ya!

Cool character as always. :)

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