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Prop K: Uniting the Galaxy


Disney's Princess
Proposition K: The Protectorate joins the Republic

  • The Protectorate surrenders all their worlds to the Republic in return for a few favors, thus creating the largest, most stable Galactic Free State in the history of the forums
  • Omega Pyre becomes a PMC group again
  • Tegs and Kerrigan get to lead our merry band of badasses, happily ever after
  • Ayden gets a Pardon and never has to pay taxes again
  • The ODF get their current pay and current rank grandfathered in, then get absorbed by the Republic Military
  • Political Characters get dibs on the new Senator seats, Aurelia gives speeches, etc.
  • Intel and Shadow Guard are subject to immediate retirement with full benefits
  • Omega Citizens gain Republic Citizenship
  • The Sith become our betches
  • Tegs negotiates with the Republic to secure the above goals. During transition, Omega becomes a Protectorate of the Republic until the negotiations are complete in the Senate IC. At which time we are merged completely into one nation.
  • The ODF continues it's duties. Just gets a new flag, a new paint job, and a new name. "The Republic Navy, Omega Division."
  • Because I'm Jay Scott Clark. And this was secretly my plan all along. To create the largest PVP entity on the boards with which to oppose the Dark Side. :D
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Ah, yes. Merger. I have dismissed that claim. This Protectorate is not for bending.

There was this guy called Brunswick who suggested we submit to the 'bastion of democracy'. He later took a swan dive from his senate pod. :D


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Yeah, because I'm just so sure the Republic will be accepting of a droid senator >.> I, for one, joined OP because it was not the Republic
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
We should get diplomatic relations back on track. Velok did blow up two of our planets after all and the Protectorate needs to break out of its isolation, which is why we should also talk to our other neighbours, such as the Atrisian Empire and the CIS.

We should jointly investigate the destruction of Rhommamool and Osarian and hunt the perpetrators down. That's a way to bridge the gap created by Polis Massa.

But never a merger. That's preposterous. Frankly I don't even see us being shiny and happy friends and IC Siobhan doesn't trust the Republic any longer. She joined OP because it wasn't the Republic and there's no reason to throw all our accomplishments away.

Iron Giant

CybeResu Heroine
That would be a monster of a state... but I'm sure the Republic in its weakened state would be willing to be annexed. :p

Although, I seem to remember that with mergers only the Capital is involved. Such as when the Original Imp Remnant joined the Empire they only got to keep their Capital.