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Approved Tech Project GARUDA | SI-001 Solar Ionization Cannon

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  • Manufacturer: The Confederate Ministry of Science
  • Model: SI-01 Solar Pulse Cannon
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy | Confederate Dreadnoughts Exclusively
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, Turadium, Electronics
  • Classification: Capital Weapon
  • Size: Extreme
  • Weight: Extreme
  • Ammunition Type: Dedicated, Solar Ionization Reactors
  • Ammunition Capacity: Theoretically, Unlimited
  • Effective Range: Battlefield
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: None
  • See Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Shield & Sword: As a mammoth descendant of a Solar Ionization Cannon, the projectiles launched from this weapon can bypass conventional shields. In addition, the energy produced is considerable and is capable of causing monumental damage to capital and subcapital ships alike.
  • Recharge Rate: Despite being aided by automated systems and synthetic personnel, the optimal time required for the Cannon to "spin up" its next assault is ten minutes. This charge time only increases with human fallibility - which is certainly the case when installed on ships not crewed exclusively by droids.
  • From Above: Having been built in the image of an Ion Pulse Cannon, the frame of this weapon is especially susceptible from weapons fire from directly above the projectors. Assaulting this area can easily cause more damage than an unhindered forward or underneath offense.
  • Indiscriminate: Due to the sheer size of the disc produced by the Cannon, friendly fire is a very real and very prevalent possibility.

To the Southern Systems, peace is simply the temporary lull between battles. It is not a time for celebration, but rather an opportunity to keen one's arms ever sharper. Such was it that the Confederacy's own Ministry of Science undertook the monumental task of militant innovation. As their flagship, capital-themed product, the design teams proudly unveiled the Solar Pulse Cannon after many months of tireless efforts.

At a glance, the inspiration and modus operandi for the armament are very evident. As is the case with most Galactic powers, inspiration for the present's advancements were gleaned from the past - and this was no exception. The Solar Pulse Cannon appears, aesthetically, vastly similar to the infamous Ion Pulse Cannons of old. In addition, many of the same internal functions remained the same, for the Cannon revolves around the projection of monumental discs of volatile energy across space.

However, the design teams devoted themselves enhancing the ancient weapon to suit the needs of the Confederacy. In particular, they modified the emphasis from shutting down and enemy vessel to decimating it. This was accomplished through the implementation of numerous, deliberate changes that converted the ancient design into a collosal Solar Ionization Cannon. In tandem with these changes, any vessel equipped with the Solar Pulse Cannon must be outfitted with a number of dedicated, Solar Ionization reactors in order for the weapon to fire.

Over time, the rotors "spin up" a tremendous sum of energy and expels it as a disc across a localized battlefield. Upon contact, the energy simply bypasses conventional shielding before crashing into enemy hulls. While the damage inflicted ultimately depends on the workmanship of the enemy craft, the design teams could not understate the destructive capabilities of the weapon. So proud were they that they have reserved implementation of the Solar Ionization Cannon exclusively for the mightiest ship classes within the Confederate Armada.

DISCLAIMER: While this is a strong submission, all damage is always dictated by the opponent. This is not a superweapon and will not be written as such.
Trash Administrator
This approval hinges on if this submission is ever reported for IC use.

If it is reported for power gaming and is verified by Staff/Factory, this submission will be revoked and further use of this submission denied.

Author's Note: Have fun going boom.
Darth Metus said:
DISCLAIMER: While this is a strong submission, all damage is always dictated by the opponent. This is not a superweapon and will not be written as such.
Before I approve this submission, I want to make it very clear that putting this in your submission doesn't inherently change a superweapon from a superweapon. This submission is not one, given the scope of power stated several times in the submission, but putting this disclaimer in submissions doesn't change anything.

Darth Metus said:
Affiliation: The Confederacy
Semi-Unique submissions, as stated throughout our template, are usable by a maximum of 10 characters. It should not be affiliated with an entire major faction, as affiliation means that anything belonging to that affiliation can use it - and we both know that the Confederacy has more than 10 characters in its roster. My suggestion would be to more narrowly define this to something along the lines of Confederate Dreadnoughts.
[member="Lily Kuhn"]

As intent is 99% of the battle, I added the disclaimer to make certain it was crystal clear what I was going for here.

Updated the affiliation as requested.
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