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Please, help me get her started...

To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Long story short, Janick is a Dark Jedi that acts as an alchemist willing to use alchemy to customize starship components (due to the nature of alchemy, it allows unparalleled levels of customization, at the cost of production level being Unique pretty much no matter the component at this stage). However, given her own level of alchemical skill, please temper your expectations.

If you do not own a ship or otherwise don't want an alchemized ship component to customize your ship, however, I'm still open to suggestions. Sure she can pilot without much trouble, but there might be hidden skillsets in her...
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Might be best to alchemize jewelry or other simple, wearable items at this stage... I'd rather keep the alchemizing of starship components for later. However, alchemized starship components is the endgame plan in that arena as far as Janick is concerned: there is character development to be had until she reaches that point.

[member="John Doe"] Janick is better at ranged combat than with a lightsaber; however, particle beams would instead explode on contact with a lightsaber.
[member="Janick Beauchamp"]

In your goal to one day use Sith Alchemy to augment starships I would suggest learning a Force Skill to later help out with it.

Mechu-deru or other related Force Skills.

It could help in the process while augmented starship parts.
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
[member="John Doe"] I would like to hash out the details some in a PM, but the one guarantee you will have is that you will be given one alchemized item in the end.

[member="Garith Darkhold"] I will roll with that; learning mechu-deru will be the whole objective of her first mastercraft project. When resources run dry. But she does not have the IC experience or skill to carry out the project just yet.

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