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Phedre Parenthis

This won't hurt for long.
Phedre Parenthis
NAME: Princess Lady Phedre Dianne Alarrh Parenthis Vhiran
FACTION: Lords of the Fringe
RANK: Soldier
AGE: 19
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
WEIGHT: 142 pounds
EYES: Sea-green
HAIR: Naturally pale blonde (sometimes a brunette)
SKIN: Pale
FORCE SENSITIVE: Not...not that I know of...>_>



...not just a pretty face...
I'm so much more than meets the eye. Never judge this book by its cover, baby...you'll underestimate me.

...nano-implants are the way to go...
My mother is Hapan...and even though I am only half-Hapan, I have inherited her poor night vision. I have had nano-implants placed in my eyes, which look like a bunch of tiny silver threads floating in my irises. They respond to the level of light available and help my eyes process it. Less light, more visible 'threads', so conversely, more light, less visible 'threads'. Simple fix, when it comes down to it.

...pain means nothing to me...
I have an incredibly high pain threshhold. Believe me...with five older brothers, I learned fast that displaying any weakness would just invite more torture, no matter how good-natured they claimed it was.

...loyalty and trust...
I am a bit prickly (my dad's word, bless him), so it can take a while to earn my trust, and the loyalty that follows once you've done that. Once given, you've got a loyal, trustworthy friend who'll have your back no matter what.


...I've got a temper...
It's an ongoing project in my life trying to control my temper. Can't always manage it, and if you push me far enough, things can go bad REAL fast. Seriously...I blame growing up with five older brothers. Fething pricks drove me up a wall as a kid.

...find the right button and I might break...
I have a heart, and I do my best to guard it carefully. But I'm not always successful....and when my heart's involved, I don't always think straight.



Phedre's striking sea-green eyes have tiny silver threads floating in them, that surface and disappear depending on the level of light. She is a natural blonde, but does occasionally dye her locks a dark brown just for a change of pace. Her tall, lithe figure looks as if she should be a professional dancer, not the soldier that she is. She has one long scar over her left hip from a little light whip action, and also has three tattoos - her back and both of her feet & ankles.



I was born on Coruscant, to a Sith Knight mother from the Hapes Consortium and an Imperial Intel Agent father. In Hapan tradition, I bear my mother's surname, and the name of her House. Though exiled for her affiliation with the Sith, she still holds true to many of the traditions. One notable exception is the misandry that pervades every level of Hapan culture and class. She's absolutely crazy about my dad even after so many years, and she has five sons whom she's equally crazy about. Although I do admit...I think I might have been her favorite...just don't tell my brothers that.

I apologize in advance, but I didn't have a horrible childhood. I don't have any sordid tales. My parents were happy, they still are, in fact! Even more so now that a couple of my brothers have started giving them grandchildren. I'm an Auntie to four ankle-biters - Alex, Mimi, Cor, and Dak. My brothers have gone from torturing me to being super over-protective...I can't bring a guy home to introduce him to family because inevitably, one or all of them will strike. I love them, but they still drive me crazy.


Like I said before...my mother was a Sith Knight when she was my age. She met my dad on a mission to Hoth...skirmish between some Sith and Imperials.. Bunch of them got stranded there in the ruins of the Rebel Base. My mom and dad were the only ones that survived. I think that's one of the reasons they've been together and happy for so long - they learned to compromise real early. Mom left her Order when she got pregnant with my brother Pharos. Luke came next, then Coris and Elis, the twins, and finally Adonis. I was the surprise...mom had gotten sick after Adonis, and was told she'd not have any more kids. I came along five years later. So yeah...very much a surprise.

It was funny, growing up. Mom tried to turn me into a lady, or as dad used to say, a miniature version of her. It didn't work. As soon as I learned to walk I started toddling after my brothers. Wanted to be where they were, in the middle of the messes they were in...wouldn't trade any of it for the world, even though they did their level best to drive me fething crazy. I love those idiots with all of my heart. They taught me to fight, mostly so I could defend myself against them, but also because they knew I was determined to walk my own path and they'd not be there to watch over me. Dad taught me to shoot...gave me his old E-11s for my tenth birthday - thing was almost as big as I was, but with one pull of the trigger, I was hooked. I'd go out to the range daily, sometimes for multiple sessions. I'd skip school, skip tutoring sessions, ignore my music lessons...ignore everything just to go to the range. I lived to shoot, and my mother finally gave up trying to turn me into a proper young lady.

I spent years training on all kinds of weapons. My E-11s, an old DLT-19 I refurbished after finding it in a junk shop, my dad's Imperial Heavy Blaster (he still doesn't know I nicked it out of the family safe), and my own DC-15s. Those are my favorites and the ones I take absolutely everywhere I go. That wasn't the only thing I did, however...after a little accident involving a bottle of Whyren's and a lightwhip that left me with a scar over my hip, I decided that if I was going to go off and shoot things for a living, I was damned well going to be able to patch up myself and whoever was serving with me. Granted, I've not been through field training, but I've taken and aced every field medic class I could find. I'm almost as good at patching people up as I am at shooting them from obscene distances.

So here I am...nineteen and been wandering around the galaxy for a year. Trying to figure out where I belong out here.



  • Lady's Gambit (currently stored in a private hangar on Coruscant, her homeworld)





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