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Approved Tech Phase X-E "Hyper Frost" CryoSonic Heavy Pistol

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  • Manufacturer: Whimsy
  • Affiliation: Agents of Chaos - Aspects of the Wild Hunt
  • Model: Phase X-E “Hyper Frost” CryoSonic Heavy Pistol
  • Modularity: Yes; Operators may Install One Optic and One Foregrip Variant
    • 5x Multi-Spectrum Variable Zoom Combat Optic
    • Holographic Optic
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Laser Sight
    • Vertical Foregrip
    • Diagonal Foregrip
    • Angled Foregrip
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, CryoBan Weapon Components, Sonic Weapon Components, Internal Circuitry, Titanium
  • Classification: CryoBan/Sonic Weapon
  • CryoBan/Sonic Discharge Color: Cyan
  • Discharge Velocity: 842 m/s
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Power Cell, CryoBan Canister
  • Ammunition Capacity: Small
    • 6 Discharges Per CryoBan Canister, 42 Discharges Per Power Cell
  • Effective Range: Long Range (150 m)
  • Rate of Fire: Average
    • ~ 35-40 RPM
    • Semi-Automatic Only
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: Very Low
  • Remote HUD/MFTAS Compatible (Ammunition Counter, Operating Temperature, Weapon Integrity, Targeting Computer, Rangefinder, Etc.)
  • Standard Rail Interface System (Combat Sights, Scopes, Grips, Etc.)
  • Ambidextrous Support
  • Magnatomic Grips
  • Biometric Security Lock
  • Frozen Discordance (Single-Target Lethality) - The Hyper Frost utilizes a combination of CryoBan and sonic effects in order to rend and freeze both armor and flesh. With the effects of CryoBan and sonic combined, the beams discharged by the Hyper Frost are capable of rapidly absorbing heat, triggering a sudden and violent shift in temperature (theoretically towards absolute zero) which may cause inorganic materials to shatter or crack. From there, the heat-absorbing CryoBan particles may bleed through the fractured material, causing a variety of effects associated with fourth-degree frostbite, severe nerve damage, and frozen blood vessels which may cause the victim to fall into shock. The sonic waves generated by the weapon are intended to further aggravate the effects, especially pertaining to disorientation, and even the rupturing of internal organs.
  • Exotic Weapon - Although not necessarily an advantage of the weapon itself, the dearth of defensive technologies against CryoBan and sonic weaponry is a severe boon to the effectiveness and versatility of the Hyper Frost on the modern battlefield.
  • Low CryoBan Capacity - The Hyper Frost can only accept a CryoBan canister of relatively small size and capacity, due to the inherent limitations of a handgun-based weapon platform.
  • Particle Shields - Although sonic weapons can typically bypass ray, particle, and concussion shields, the utilization, CryoBan will be stopped by most types of particle shields. However, since the sonic effects of the Hyper Frost are secondary to that of the CryoBan, their effects are slightly diminished compared to that of a dedicated sonic weapon platform, although still potentially lethal to individuals that are poorly-protected against weaponized sonic waves.
  • Ineffective in a Vacuum - CryoBan is ineffective in space, due to the lack of water or oxygen particles. In addition, sound waves are unable to travel in space, rendering the Hyper Frost almost entirely useless in the event that operation is attempted in a vacuum.
The Phase X-E “Hyper Frost” CryoSonic Heavy Pistol is a slightly experimental weapon lent as a gift for each member of the newly-formed Aspects of the Wild Hunt. The Hyper Frost deals damage primarily via CryoBan and its associated effects of triggering sudden and violent shifts in temperature towards absolute zero. Sonic waves supplement the effects, although they are secondary to the effects of the CryoBan.
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