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Niki Priddy

Bullets and power-cells

  • Intent: Provide sufficient armament to Priddy General Engineering And Manufacturing company vessels.
  • Image Source:
    • Source
    • Headers/Dividers made by me.
  • Canon Link: Source
  • Permissions: Top Grade Ethaerium - (Open-Market/Mass-Produced)
  • Primary Source: Source


  • Classification: Heavy Ionized Plasma Cannon
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Ionized Plasma
  • Ammunition Capacity: Average
  • Effective Range: Battlefield
  • Rate of Fire: High
  • Damage Output: Extreme(Shields and Electrical Systems) - Average(Concussive EMP Reaction Against All Else - 25m radius)
  • Recoil: High


Top Grade Ethaerium Providing the base matter during the Ionization process, the use of Top Grade Ethaerium enhances the already alarming capabilities of the Standard Ionized Plasma Cannon into a dangerous shield and electronic disabling system.
Additional Cycles The creation of Ionized Particles in this particular system already presents magnetized Particles, and the addition of further Magnetic Accelerators only enhances the cohesive range and damage output of the weapon.
Continuous Cycles While the rate of fire for this system could potentially be pushed further, dangers presented themselves during continued use at high volumes with the system gathering Ionized Plasma falloff and disabling itself. While limited, it is still higher than the previous iteration by a marginal sum.
Secondary Effect While focused on knocking out shields and electrical systems, it has been noted due to the use of Ethaerium Gas as a base matter, that a mild explosive reaction upon impact occurs. This causes a decent amount of EMP generation within a certain radius as well as a concussive shockwave from hyper ionized particles dissipating rapidly.

Top Grade Ethaerium With the continued use of Top Grade Ethaerium Gas in PGEM systems, the fuel is highly volatile and if the weapon emplacement is targeted would result in potentially catastrophic reactions to the equipped vessel.
"Focused" While a bane to shields and technology as a whole, it does little against organics aside from potentially damaging their equipped electrical systems. Even while wielding a surprise explosive upon impact, it is little more than a wave of concussive energy rather than a truly damaging kinetic force.
Energy Giant A continuing drawback of the newer PGEM line, the heat output of this system is detectable even using civilian or average grade scanners from decent range.
Slapping the Hull Being that the weapon focuses its capabilities towards disabling shields and electronics, the hull of a vessel is left largely intact even with focused fire from this weapon system. Aside from maybe an already loose panel shearing free.

A further revisit of her other designs, continuing with the idea of up-arming PGEM vessels for potential asset and affiliate protection details.

The previous iteration of the Ionized Plasma Cannons were sufficient in their capabilities on a larger scale to bring down Shield and electronic systems. At least in regard to using the weapon system en-masse.

Using a more Ion rich base material for the process, the development process was a short one with this system. Using successful Magnetic Acceleration to lengthen the range of the weapon along with enhancing the energy cohesion of each shot.

Even with adding dedicated but bulky Accelerator and Cooling systems, the concept remained largely the same from the first version. Being a dedicated focus to knocking out Shield and Electronic systems to bring an engagement to a quick close.
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