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Peyton Steele

She's a total blam-blam
[SIZE=18pt]Peyton Steele[/SIZE]​
NAME: Peyton Steele
FACTION: Formerly Galactic Alliance/Alliance in Exile, Currently The Underground
RANK: Operative
SPECIES: Human/Galan Hybrid
AGE: 22
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 130lbs
EYES: Blue.
HAIR: Long blonde hair, typically braided.
SKIN: A light tan from spending a lot of time in coastal environments
FORCE SENSITIVE: Technically? Yes

+ Weapons Savant – Peyton is very well versed in ranged weaponry and make shift melee weaponry
+ Computer Hacker - She is efficient with computer systems
+ Forger/White Collar Criminal

- Not strong with major mechanics short of hitting things until they work, or electronics.
- Not a Pilot
- Can feel with the Force, but only so much to cause headaches and wish she couldn't feel it.

Peyton has a very slim, but athletic build. Her long blonde hair is typically kept tied in a braid. Her skin was scarred randomly from cuts, and engagements, having been working as hard as she could to survive. Big blue eyes displayed innocence that really didn’t exist in her.

BIOGRAPHY: Peyton was born to Nathan and Rebekah on Naboo, not as slaves but as free beings. Nathan was part of the Antarian Rangers and as such had taken to raising Peyton in such a way that she could find herself a spot with the Rangers. As such, the blonde had been taken around the galaxy to many excited locales as desert, swamp and tundra worlds. She was adept at a pistol at a young age and took to flying craft shortly thereafter. While her family was loving, they were also rough at times, making sure she learned how to survive and where the balance of the galaxy was.

Apparently, there was more to meet the eye with Nathan and he hadn’t been working with the Rangers, instead avoiding them. The one thing Peyton knew was that he was feeding Ranger secrets and locations to the opposition of the Jedi, she had heard as such when they found the family on Naboo. Being off on an exploration romp of her own, Peyton was away from the camp when they arrived and fear struck her so she didn’t rush to the aid of her family.

This pushed her over the edge and she used her parent’s credits, and selling all but the essentials, aside from a locket with both their photos on flimsy. She doesn’t wear it around her neck and keeps it buried in her belongings. Taking the ship her parents owned, Peyton set out into the galaxy to start making a name for herself as a Huntress. Not signing up for any bounties related to the Jedi Order, Peyton feels her efforts are not quite useful in a war upon the super humans, and has her own point and purpose.

Recently, Peyton has fonud herself back in the employ of [member="Baros Sal-Soren"]. Through working with him, she has become accustomed and educated about the finer things in life, including how to steal and forge them.

As part of the Galactic Alliance, Peyton uses her intelligence gathering skills to keep Team Light Side informed. Using her skills and looks, she does what she can for the ideals. And following the fall of the Galactic Alliance at Coruscant, she was one of the first to help locate a new world for the refugees within the Outer Rim Coalition, where she folded into the Underground network.

SHIP: QRC-47 (Military)

Power Nine Blaster Pistol
Stun Batons
Battle Armor MK II - OP