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Meeristali Peradun

NAME: Meeristali Peradun
FACTION: The Galactic Alliance | Jedi Academy | Mandalorians |
RANK: Rogue Master
SPECIES: Felacatian
AGE: 40-ish
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6’6”
WEIGHT: 487 lbs
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Dark Brown/Black

+Sharp Intellect
+Inhuman Strength
+Deadly Weapon
+/- Caring
+/- Ferocity

Stali stands six-and-a-half feet tall, a broad shouldered frame that carries nearly five-hundred pounds of highly athletic, dense musculature, a significant note to his felinoid genetics, while his orange eyes and long tail are a definite nod to the fact that he is not human. He is not merely strong, but frighteningly powerful. Faint scars of battle, of roughhousing, and the like can be found in various locations on his human form, yet are hidden in his feline form by softly glossed black fur, and heavy spinal spikes.

Additions to his appearance (attained in humanoid form, but visible in feline form) are Hydrastaff acid scarring in the form of:
  1. A jagged arc of pockmarks running from the farmost right side of his forehead, down to his right cheekbone and cheek.
  2. Three streaks of varied length, continuity, and placement up the right side of his hair from just outside the hairline and right out to the crown of his head.
  3. A notch in the upper cartilaginous portion of his right ear.

Meeristali Peradun is one of several offspring of his Felacatian parents, Meerryl, and Perrdrro, but is by far the most accomplished, having served in the armed forces of his homeworld of Felacat. He is a master marksman, holding records amongst his people for precision over distance as a sniper, as well as accuracy and speed of successive takedowns of targets, living and artificial. He is just as lethal in close quarters, in both his forms, between knives, claws, bare-handed, and otherwise. He is just as competent working in a team as he is alone. He was, according to his last C.O., the brightest junior tactician in many years, but no matter how skilled or how prized he may have been, no matter that the Force gave him a marked advantage in so many ways, it was not enough.

He served from the time he was sixteen, up until his supposedly dishonourable discharge at twenty-five, when his sexual preferences were discovered to extend beyond females - a fact that does not fly well in a society with such a heavy emphasis on offspring and continuation of bloodlines. Added to that the pressure from family to take a mate, and reproduce… which Stali has no intention of doing, at least not at this point in his life. Without his life’s work, and with the increasing disapproval of family, Stali packed up and left his homeworld...

...hopefully, to find a new life, and find his favourite cousin, [member="Marakai Al'Orren"]. For all he cared, she was his only cousin now. His only family.

None yet.

None as of yet.



Training Received:
Absorbing Information - Abandoned
Set Fire to the Rain - Abandoned
A 'Heated' Session - In Progress
  • Tutaminis
To Be A Paragon - Complete
  • Force Shield
Try not to get killed, okay? - Abandoned
  • Learning of Force Stealth/Force Concealment detailed by Master Sardun at beginning of this thread. Thread deals with putting the skill to 'further' practice.
Guardian Class Training - Abandoned

The Untempered - Complete
  • Breath Control
Guardians of the Galaxy - Abandoned

The Way of the Krayt Dragon - Complete
  • Form V (Shien/Djem So) lightsaber training
Its Simplicity is Strength - In Progress
  • Form I (Shii-Cho) lightsaber training
  • Three Rings
Training Given:
None yet, on account of being a padawan!

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Force Powers
As a Felacatian, Meeristali is already potently strong, as well as incredibly agile and incredibly fast (in speed and reflex). Additionally, his feline heritage blesses him with rather amazing sensory perception, perfect night vision, and a hyperdeveloped sense of balance. With his speed and strength enhanced through the Force, he can be an opponent to behold, making comparisons to the comic book world's Flash and Hulk, for reference.

Breath Control
Enhance Attribute
Force Body
Force Speed
Force Stealth
Projective Telepathy
Thought Shield

Force Barrier
Force Jump
-----Force Grip
-----Force Pull
---------Force Disarm
-----Force Push
---------Force Blast

Force Sense
Receptive Telepathy

Lightsaber Combat
Three Rings
Form 1: Shii-Cho
Form V: Shien/Djem So

Marakai Al'Orren

Primal Savagery
@[member="Meeristali Peradun"] - Sorry, Stali...sometimes I can't help myself *grins & kisses her cousin's cheek*

@[member="Sarge Potteiger"] - *whirls around & manages to look a bit sheepish, cheeks a bright red* Uhh...yeah...maybe that wasn't the right word...*bites her lower lip*...this is my cousin Stali, though. Wanted you to meet him...