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Anyone found to abuse the good-faith of the Staff will be instantly, and permanently banned from the Factory.
Question.. how would this even HAPPEN?

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im kinda mad that we cant use them for anything else .... :( i think it would make good role play but this site is the best i have been on so ... meh dont care

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden

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  • Name: The Graug
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Gratos [WIP, custom]
  • Language: Graug [only aristocrats and top military/government leaders usually speak Basic or other languages]
  • Average height of adults: 2.2 meters
  • Skin color: Pale and green, pale and dark green, pale green and pale
  • Hair color: None
  • Breathes: Type 1

  • Strengths:
Strength: The Graug are naturally stronger than other humanoid species, finding a medium between a trando’s and wookiee’s strength. They can comfortably wrestle a wookiee for a small time, but in a prolonged fight they would stand no chance against the beasts.

Violence: The Graug soldiers are very violent by nature and it is only enhanced by the specie’s genetic mutation of unborn children in the womb. This genetic tampering gives all children an unquenchable addiction and thirst for adrenaline once they start receiving it. In battle they will go into what can only be described as a psychotic killing mindset in which they put taking others lives ahead of keeping their own.

Darkside sensitivity: The species is naturally sensitive to the darkside of the force and extremely attracted to its presence. While only the females and the males genetically modified to be leaders are smart enough to wield it, it acts as a driving force for all. While fighting on planets or in places where the darkside is heavily saturated, the species gain a natural boost from its assistance.

Resistance to disease and poison: A unique trait of the species is the presence of naturally occurring micro-bacteria in their blood stream. The bacteria is believed to have evolved with the help of the darkside presence on their home planet as well as the need to resist the abnormal amount of plagues and poisons found in the dense jungles of their homeworld. These bacteria attack any foreign bodies like ants and are much more aggressive than their blood-cells. With the assistance of the darkside the bacteria can quickly destroy disease without any harm to the creatures while a few hours of rest and weakness will destroy even the strongest of poisons.

Durable: The Graug are covered in a tough scale-like skin that can deflect most of any natural threats. It offers a slight resistance to blaster bolts and slug throwers and serves as great protection from sharp cutting weapons.

  • Weaknesses:

Dependence: It is rare for a naturally occurring intellectual to be born among the species and it is even rarer on the homeworld where genetic mutation almost always twists this code. Most Graug are naturally born without the ability to make sound decisions and produce advanced logical thought, relying on natural survival instinct. However, a surprising anomaly occurs when a genetic superior is born. The genetic lesser of the species will flock to the new leader almost instantly after birth, as if something beckons them to do so. These leaders are naturally more intelligent and it is speculated that a loose form of a hive mind is applied in this situation. It is more than obvious that this connection has to do with the species darkside sensitivity.

Primitive: The species as a whole is very primitive, even considering they have achieved space flight. The species has no great thinkers or scientists as they have grown content with their current technology. Their primitive mindset has also led to a lack of diplomatic skill and an infestation mentality to conquer, destroy and pillage. These traits have made them very undesirable and feared throughout the galaxy, most don’t even trust to use them as mercenaries. This can make work outside of their home system hard to find and near impossible in places such as the Republic.

Lightside phobia: The species, due to its connection to the darkside, have grown a phobia to the aura of the lightside. The servant classes of the species are almost always guaranteed to flee at the sight of a display of a powerful lightsider. This can only be countered with a strong leader who is potent in the darkside of the force, or a battlefield riddled with dark energy. Even then, a strong enough lightside presence can be enough to cause the creatures to flee.

Prone to Insanity: The violent nature and genetic tampering to cause severe addiction to adrenaline has its downside. If a servant class of the species activates its addiction and is not supplied with a steady amount of it, in the form of combat, the unquenchable addiction will drive them to madness. It is not uncommon to find a low class Graug talking to non-existent voices or going on serial rampages.

  • Distinctions: Males with Reptilian skin and no hair, that are also bulky and tall. Their mouths are lined with razor sharp teeth for tearing into meat. Females appear human with the exception of sharp teeth, not nearly as long as the males. They also grow hair and do not possess the hides of the males, though they are known to exhibit very alien distinctions such as reptilian eyes.
  • Average Lifespan: 150 years
  • Races:

Imperial Clan of the Horde Mother: The Imperial Clan seized control of the Graug homeworld after the “Cleansing War”. They operate in a matriarch system with a single queen as head of state and her genetically modified children acting as generals. They are the strongest of the clans and are considered the ruling body in the Gratos system.

The Lost Clan of the Dread Father: The Lost Clan was one of the three clans run off of the homeworld by the Horde Mother. They are the second strongest of the four clans and live on one of the habitable moons of Gratos, known as Kador. Kador has a severe lack of animals and sufficient building materials which has lead to the clan of the Dread Father becoming a band of pirates who use Kador as they base of operations as they go forth to plunder trade routes. The leaders are chosen by the rule of the strong; any being with sufficient intelligence to lead must kill the current Dread Father to claim power.

The Holy Clan of the Spirit Child: The Holy Clan is a collection of highly intelligent Graug who did not take direct part in the cleansing war until the Imperial Clan tried forcing them from their temples. They fought bravely but were overcome by the much more numerous Imperials. They could have been slaughtered to extinction, but this particular collective was the sole religious body of the species and for this reason they were allowed to live. However, as punishment for their uprising they were sent away to the second habitable moon of Gratos, Illio. The moon has sufficient food for them to survive and the Imperials provide them with materials, woman and genetic tampering technology to repopulate their numbers. They are lead by the Spirit Child, a religious figure believed to be the prophet of the gods.

The Forbidden Clan of the Shamed Sister: The forbidden clan is the last clan of the four and is the weakest. The clan was lead by the current first Horde Mother’s sister and was the first to rebel against her rule. Before the war, the clan was known as the Valley Clan of the Glorious Sister but after the Cleansing war the sister was killed and her clan sent away to the fourth planet in the star system, Torfen. Here the clan would be separated from the rest of the galaxy and blockaded by the Imperials, with barely enough women to repopulate. Eventually the clan began to decline and became savage, reverting back to tribal ways with no clear leaders.

  • Diet: The species is carnivorous and is capable of eating both raw and cooked meats. While they can consume alcohol it has no real affect on them on account of the bacteria in their bloodstream. They can not eat anything vegetarian as it will make them deathly ill and will not support their bodies.

  • Communication: Verbal

  • Culture: The culture of the Graug is a long and interesting story. As stated they are a violent species, war and bloodshed being their sport and a common ritual of life. The species is divided into clans (as of right now there are four clans) and each is lead by what is considered a “genetic superior” (this not including the Forbidden Clan). A genetic superior is exactly what it sounds like, a member of the species who is superior to his brethren on a mental and physical level. Each clan has its own way of ruling itself with a slightly different culture than the others. Names begin with the first word of a clans title and ends with a name (example: Imperial Jason)

Imperial Clan: The Imperial clan is centered a Horde Mother, or a queen to outsiders, who rules over the clan. The Horde Mother gives birth to her children; the males serve as generals and the woman as official mating partners to her sons. The fetuses are genetically altered while in the room to assure that enough sons and daughters are born. The children of her children are all modified to be female and they are expected to have many who will go out and mate with as many males as they can. All of the children born to the Horde Mothers grand children live only to serve and are modified to do so. While this seems like a tedious process, many genetic alterations are at the clan’s disposal to excel birth rate. Plus, it is not uncommon for the children of the Horde Mother to have literally hundreds of children.

This taboo ritual is then used to justify the Horde Mother’s title, as she is seen as the beginning of the entire clan. The Imperial Clan’s culture circles around domination of the others clans and eventually the universe, every year a religious festival is even held once in a generation which individuals willingly sacrifice themselves in the name of “The War God”. The Horde Mother also takes part by meeting with the most successful of her sons and matting with him publicly to conceive the next Horde Mother who will be modified to ensure perfection and then nurtured from a child at a normal growth rate. This particular clan is known for its massive Imperial Palaces made of natural stones and its underground military complexes.

Lost Clan: The lost Clan is the second largest of the clans but is not nearly as sophisticated as the third or first. The clan was forced to turn to pirating to survive after being expelled from the homeworld for helping in the rebellion. Their culture is centered on worshipping “The Harvest God”, the deity said to be in control of all that is plentiful and good. They do not hold any festivals and their main mode of worship is burning a portion of their loot as sacrifice to the Harvest God. They have never built anything extravagant on their new home and use scrapped capital ships and their pirating vessels for shelter.

The clan is lead by the Dread Father who is believed to be the strongest of the clan as chosen by the Harvest God. Only the toughest and most genetically superior can claim this title and they must fight to the death for the right. They have made an unstable peace with the Imperial Clan and the two try to stay out of each others way.

The Holy Clan: The Holy Clan is by far the most sophisticated of the four. They are completely made up of genetically modified beings who share a very close IQ. Instead of developing a solid, unconscious hivemind the priests actually elect the Spirit Child. This elected priest is then asked to go forth into onto the homeworld, by blessing of the Horde Mother, and single handedly kill a Mammoth Worm. Killing a Mammoth Warm alone is believed to be an act only one blessed by the gods can achieve. Once returning with proof of the deed the priest is named Spirit Child.

At the current moment, the Holy Clan and the Imperial Clan have a loose alliance. The Imperials provide them with what they require and in return the priests send a few of their kind back to the homeworld to maintain a religious order. They participate in battle and are very attuned to the darkside of the force, using their gifts to sway the tide of battle and raising the spirits of the Imperial’s armies.

The Forbidden Clan: The Forbidden clan has no real culture and has all but forgotten its old ways. They have turned feral and resorted back to tribal living; some tribes have leaders while others are just roaming nomads who stick together out of survival instinct. They have multiple versions of deities and there is no solid governmental system, calling it a clan anymore is just a way for the rest of the species to refer to them.

Mainstream Gods of the Major Clans:

The god’s names are not known to any of the species, since it is believed that uttering their names with a mortal voice is enough to damn the whole species.

The War God: God of battle, war and bloodshed. He is prayed to before battle and is pleased by self-sacrifice and merciless killing of the enemy.

The Harvest God: God of good harvests, plentiful plunder and all material things. He is prayed to by many to see that good things come to their clan and is pleased by sharing of loot, harvest and luxury items.

The Mother God: The Mother God is the god of Life, plants and all planets and stars. She is believed to have given birth to the whole universe and created the Graug to be the chosen people. She is prayed to as the maker of all things and is pleased by honoring her name on the field of battle and in all walks of life.

  • Technology level: The three major clans all have blaster technology and are capable of at least basic hyperspace travel. The Imperial Clan is the most advanced, having the ability to produce warships capable of going against a modern fleet. The Other clans rely on less reliable ships, meant for pirating or hit and runs. However, all three do share the same magnetic repulsion technology in their blasters.

The forbidden clan is stuck in tribal stages, barely able to use makeshift weapons.

  • General behavior: The species is very violent, even the religious leaders thinking of war as the best way to live. No matter how well the soldiers do in combat, it is always the leaders who gain the honor as the subordinates are nothing more than servants. Praying to the gods is common practice and each of the gods has their own purpose amongst every clan. The ones smart enough to interact with other species and races have a massive superiority complex and are always up for a fight.

  • History: The Species started as a collection of hundreds of clans across their homeworld. Eventually these clans began to merge in order to survive and during this time many wars were fought. The intellectuals of the species created war machines for the sole purpose of killing one another and for many centuries war would be never ending and technology would advance for the sole purpose of killing.
After centuries of war only four main clans stood. They made a truce and all agreed to serve under the Imperial Clan who was quickly becoming the strongest. The Imperials, satisfied they had taken power, began building ships to launch them into the stars to further conquer the galaxy. Their first mission was to the moon Krador where they found the remains of a Republic Outpost before the Darkness and before their evolution. These remains were used to advance their technology many thousands of years and propel them into the modern age. Soon after, the “Cleansing War” started in which the four clans rebelled against the Imperials. The war resulted in the banishment of all clans, aside from the Imperials, from the Homeworld and onto the moons and fourth planet from the solar systems sun.
  • Notable Player-Characters: High General Imperial Krag
  • Intent: To Create a new and interesting species for people to play around with and allow them to create characters of this species.

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden

(Ignore the water marks and lines, I wasn't paying for this thing lol)​

Corporation Name: Event for Mech Immersion
Headquarters: Bothawui
Locations: None (yet)
Operations: Coordinates Mech sporting events, builds tracks etc.
Rationale: The Sporting Event was Marsaun's Brain child and is sponsored by his own company Mechanized Motors.

Tier: 2

Description: The EMI is a non-profit organization that is sponsored and hosted by Mechanized motors. Much like the NASCARR association of the real world, the EMI holds sporting events where thousands of people attend. While profits are made off of selling tickets, consumables and ranges of items ranging from stickers to clothing, all of it is used to fund the building of new tracks or is given to fundraisers, charities or used to free slaves. No extra profits are made by Marsaun for owning the company and the few employees that are working for EMI are paid by Mechanized Motors. EMI is named after the deceased lover of Marsaun and
is dedicated to being the most generous and privately owned corporations in the galaxy. It even makes all donations out in the name of Emi Timbago, in honor of his dead wife's spirit.

The first events are centered around the racing of mechanized suits that can be entered in the team or solo racing leagues. The team League pits three racers and their separate mechs against another team of three. The teams then race down a track spanning anything from 8 miles and over. Solo league pits 16 independent racers against each other with the same terms. Mechs can be loaded with Ion canons, and melee weapons that are suppressed to make them less-than-lethal. Racers are allowed to strike and fire Ion rounds at one another as well as throw each other from the tracks. However, no one is allowed to purposely kill or seriously injure an opponent.