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Offering Signatures


For a limited time, I'll make signatures for people. I'll do this like Tef did and prioritize things by what inspires me. Expect the first sig Friday night.


I want something new... just don't know what. lol
I made a request in Tef's. You can take that off his hands if you want and if you may please.


Eater of the Dead
Oh I want one from the cool and sexy Daella.


Daella, you gorgeous thing you. Could you make me one, please? I'd appreciate it vury much. :)


The Croke
This right here could be a bonding experience for us... you don't know me and I don't know you. So let's get together and be friends.

I'd like this picture to be the focal point. Link

Any other images that peak your interest of Disturbed's "The Guy" can be utilized as well. the addition of a slug with spider legs if you can manage to find one would be awesome. Good luck with that

Potential quotes...

"Don't step on my toes..." (because he resides in the foot of his illusionary form)

"Big things come in small packages" (because he can fit in your palm)

Or any other quote that you think will fit with an arthropod.



Active Member
I am incapable of making something to please my self, but if you could I'd like a sig with this measurements.

Featuring a dark red Mon Calamari, preferably with a Lightsaber and sophisticated hi tech looking background, either machine like colors so a collection of greys or clean white looking tech something similar to Kaminoan aesthetics. Also if you could feature a fleet of rag tag ships, with a Mon Cal Cruiser being the most predominate. A quote would be "I told you it was a TRAP!" - Donatos.
:D Please and thank you if you feel inspired.
Oh me, oh my.
If you could make a signature with this image, that would be greatly appreciated!

I don't mind what the background is. I'll leave that to your creative interpretation.
And if there's room, could I get the following text?

"She who holds the power of the skies, beyond the sharpened edge of the sword
the honoured edge of the shield, to protect and serve all life."
Thank you!