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Obsidian Star Aerospace

Obsidian Star Aerospace

Out of Character Information:

Image Source:
Star black and white image via wikiclipart.com
Canon Link: N/A
Primary Source: Obsidian Star Technologies

Corporation Information:

Corporation Name:
Obsidian Star Aerospace
Headquarters: Denon
Locations: Denon only
Operations: Starship construction, starship sub-systems, starship components
Parent Corporation: Obsidian Star Technologies
Subsidiaries: None


As with its parent Corporation, Obsidian Star Technologies, Obsidian Star Aerospace seeks to provide a high quality low production product to the discerning buyer. In particular, they are known for building unique and semi-unique spacecraft for the the galaxy's elite with the occasional foray into limited and minor production scales. Like its parent Obsidian Star Aerospace is based on Denon. Its key manufacturing and research processes are currently done at the Obsidian Star Mega-complex. However, plans are in the works for a larger, space based facility that will allow for larger vessels to be built. Currently, Obsidian Star Aerospace shares much of his high-level corporate management hierarchy with Obsidian Star Technologies and Debbis Endo acts as CEO of both entities.


Upon Beltran Rarr's return to the galaxy, he found that Debbis Endo had been making a number of business moves in his absence. One of the better moves was the introduction of a new production division of Obsidian Star Technologies called Obsidian Star Aerospace. Seeing the potential of moving into the starship construction market, Beltran tweaked the concept into an entirely separate entity. This was done with the belief that a seperate company would, at some point, allow Beltran to put other individuals in charge and limit Endo's power over his business interests.