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Oberon L'hnnar

Oberon L'hnnar

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Oberon L'hnnar

Name: Oberon L'hnnar

Faction: Sith (may change once I talk to the person that convinced me to join here since she is part of a faction)

Rank: Apprentice

Species: Umbaran/Human

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Height: 1.8 meters (5'9)

Weight: 78 kg (172 pounds)

Force Sensitive: Yes

Shadow Lotus-(Will Expand Later)
Experienced Killer-(Will Expand Later)
Telepathic Guise-(Will Expand Later)

Eye Sight-(Will Expand Later)
Paranoid-(Will Expand Later)
Easily Angered-(Will Expand Later)
Egotistical-(Will Expand Later)


Oberon L'hnnar was born into the twilight world of Umbara. Many stories begin with a child suffering a tragedy. That would all depend on perspective in Oberon's case. Oberon is a half-human and half-umbaran, the bastard offspring of an Umbaran female, and a visiting human dignitary. As a result, Oberon was always looked down on by the other children due to his physical appearance favoring that of a human over an Umbaran. Like many other Umbarans, Oberon possesses pale skin and eyes that can see in infrared when faced with dimly lit areas, but has significantly better vision in normal spectrum of light due to his human heritage.

Umbaran society contains a complex caste system. This system consists of around one hundred different levels. Only the top few levels of this caste system are normally allowed to leave their planet. The top caste level on Umbara is known as the Rootai. It is this caste level that rules Umbara. In fact, the members of this caste level are even considered royalty. Many young Umbarans aspire to rise through the ranks of the caste system and reach this exhalted position. Oberon was no exception.

During his early adolescence, Oberon's instructor's quickly discovered that the young half-breed had a talent for physical violence. It was not uncommon for Umbaran youths to be trained in the arts of assassination as a means to climb the caste ladder, but Oberon took to the arts with a ferocity and ease that surprised many. As was fitting a half-breed, Oberon became proficient in a hybrid combat style that was the mixture of the martial arts Teräs Käsi and Slava. This form of melee combat was dubbed the Shadow Lotus by his instructors.

As Oberon's proficiency with the Shadow Lotus increased, so too did his ego. By his mid-adolescence Oberon was considered to be one of the most promising assassins his family had bred in centuries. His personality reflected his skills. Believing himself better than those around him, Oberon did not develop a complex set of morals. He did not flinch as he killed his first mark. Over the next few years, Oberon participated in numerous assassinations. This caused his family to rise in the caste system, at nearly unprecedented speeds.

Oberon and his family's meteoric rise was short lived. The young assassin's ego, and the brazen way in which he went about his profession left many enemies behind. These enemies laid a trap for the young assassin. Surrounded and far outnumbered, the young half-breed met his fellow assassins in a clash of metal, and blaster fire. Miraculously Oberon only suffered a minimal amount of injury, the worst being an inch deep gash across the center of his chest. While Oberon had been fighting for his life, the agents of his enemies has also sought to dispose of the rest of his family. They, being skilled in politics and subterfuge, did not possess the same physical abilities he did.

The wounded Oberon returned to his residence to find a hellish scene. The assassins had not simply killed his family, they had made an example of them. In an instant, everything that Oberon had been, and everything he has aspired to be was washed away by grief. It was a feeling he had never felt before. From the abyss of grief sparked another cadre of emotions. These emotions were old friends, and welcomed by Oberon's damaged psyche. Anger and hatred grew in the young adult, first becoming an inferno and finally consuming him entirely.

When the blaze of emotions had finally subsided, Oberon was filled with renewed purpose. That day he made new oaths to himself. Never again would he allow enemies to live in his wake, and never would he let others take that which was his. With these new promises in mind, and anger still burning within him, Oberon went into a self imposed exile. As the planet faded on the view screen of the freighter that he has paid to take him to their next trade stop, Oberon made another promise to himself. One day he would return to Umbara. One day, he promised himself, the entire planet would tremble at the mention of his name.

Oberon L'hnnar

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Darth Kyros said:
@[member="Oberon L'hnnar"]

Hello Apprentice, nice of you to FINALLY join us. I've only been trying for the past month *grumbles*
Well, you have been mentioning it since you started here. So, a little longer than a month. xD

Darth Malificete said:
Yay, Umbaran! :D
They seemed like an interesting species! Although, I did not realize it was also the race that his master was going to be. Oh well. I just hope I did not make him too cliche.

Thyrian Hearthfire

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@[member="Darth Kyros"] - Forgive my absence these last few days, my Master. I have been getting used to my mortal form.

@[member="Xavier Vi'dreya"] - We will begin your training momentarily, young master Xavier. (I feel like Alfred :D)