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Not really a bug so much as a nit pick.

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I was looking through Moross Territory to develop a character based on the worlds I found in there, I found a spelling error.

There is a planet in there that is spelled as "Airis-III" which does not exist and I couldn't figure it out for quite some time. Eventually I figured out through reference of other worlds in that tiny sector (The Kathol Rift) I discovered what you meant here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kathol_sector

The planet should be labeled as Aaris-III.

You may choose to do this at your own leisure, I figured though that even minor things like that should be reported at least once to avoid any possible confusion that may or may not might happen.
Good looking out bro, I'll make sure to adjust the spelling when I next update the map!


Velaeri Mortaine
I posted this spelling issue several weeks ago in the map update thread and it was promptly deleted from the thread no more than an hour after it was posted.

I had assumed that was because either the issue wasn't large enough to be posted there or it had been taken care of immediately, but come the next map update the planet name was still spelled wrong.

Thank you Voracitos for pointing it out again. Hopefully with the next update it will be fixed. :)