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Not Exactly Home

Things had gotten awkward and silent in the room for Teagan as well. He had really screwed things up here and he wasn't entirely sure what he could do to fix it. As he was thinking over what he could do though and just beating himself up over the whole ordeal, Ra suddenly moved closer to him. She said something about not liking being tickled which just sort of confused him at first. It clicked soon enough though on what she meant and he felt a little better about it at least. The little nexu kitten laid across their laps so the two were trapped though which got a warm smile from Teagan. He looked down at it and gently rubbed its head. At least now the awkwardness was forcefully being destroyed by the sleeping little thing in their laps.

Teagan looked over at Ra when she mentioned a remote for the holo. He said to her, " Yeah there should be one on the table." He looked to see if it was actually there but it wasn't. He frowned a bit at that then began to look around for thing. It didn't seem to be anywhere, but then he noticed something interesting: Ra's leg. Well not her leg, although her leg looked nice. No he noticed something underneath her leg that was touching his own. He reached down, which involved touching her, and pulled it out. It was the holo remote. He smiled to her awkwardly with a slight blush on his face. He said, " Found it." He clicked the holo on and a movie came on. It was the latest romance film that was incredibly popular across the galaxy. And the scene that they started watching was the big kissing scene. He blushed as he began to look away from Ra. Things got awkward again.

The cat snuggled up with them, Teagan wasn't able to move away and at her request, found the remote for the holo. It wasn't where he thought it was and found it under her leg. She was surprised she hadn't noticed it before sitting down, but then again she wasn't used to having a holo. Ra just wasn't at home long enough to feel the need to pay for something she wasn't going to use very often.

Moving only slightly so not to disturb the sleeping nexu, Ra lifted the leg the remote was under and waited while he turned the holo on. He appeared flustered by the fact of its location and Ra just sort of rolled her eyes at it.

When he turned the holo on, it was a romance and Ra rolled her eyes again. Not at Teagan, but at the film.

"I really dislike films with romance in them. So fake."

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
Ra rolled her eyes at Teagan when he had reached down for the holo remote. He wasn't sure what that was about but it had to be like earlier. At least he was hoping it was just a misunderstanding and he hadn't ruined the mood further than this movie seemed to be doing so. He had noticed her first reaction to it was also to roll her eyes at it and she even made a comment about romance films being fake. What was so fake about them though? Yeah they exaggerated things, but no more than most movies tended to. Was it just the kissing scene or was there something more to it? He couldn't really figure it out on his own. The way she was thinking about things was clearly very different than his own.

" What is so fake about romance films? Is it the kissing scenes? Sure kisses don't tend to be like that, but a little exaggeration isn't so bad." Teagan said to her as he looked over at her. " Have you ever tried to kiss someone like that in real life? If you haven't then you won't know how bad or good it really is. I'd be happy to kiss you like that if you want to find out."

It hadn't crossed Teagan's mind yet what he had just said to her exactly. No he just sat there giving her a sincere look with his typical smile on his face. It was obvious he was serious with his questions and offer both, if not fully realizing just what it was he was offering to get into.

The kitten was dreaming whatever little cats dream of and twitched in her sleep. Ra started petting the small creature again and listened to Teagan's statements and questions. The first two were easy to answer and the last one got a raised eyebrow before she was able to speak an answer.

"All romance is fake. Movies move too fast to even think of and situations just aren't realistic. Take this one," she waved a hand in the direction of the film. "These guys crash land and are stranded, right? Well like by the end of the first day, they are already in bed together. That kind of stuff just doesn't happen!"

As she finished speaking, Ra realized what the plot of the movie was and what happened a week before and it was her turn to blush. Maybe situations like that did happen...As for the last of his statement, her face still blushing from what she had just said, she looked at him and shook her head.

"No, I've not tried to kiss anybody like that nor has anybody tried it with me. You see, I keep distance from people. In fact, you're the only person I feel comfortable enough talking to about something as silly as kissing and romance. Look, it's just not meant for me."

As for them kissing, well it wouldn't be bad, but she wasn't going to be the one to initiate it.

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