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Not Exactly Home

The events at Dovo Yagen at been stressful for Teagan. His shuttle to from Coruscant to Doldur had crashed there after major malfunctions with only him and his new friend Ra'a'mah surviving the tragic event. He had been left injured with a messed up left shoulder that did not see a doctor for too long. It was better than it had been before but was taking longer to heal than it would had he had a swift treatment. Even after that first night with the kindly farming couple, it took them days to leave the planet. The local authorities had questions and just could not believe that a shuttle would be in as bad of shape as it was in. They believed the two of them, or at least just one of them, was responsible for it. The evidence however pointed towards the truth of the matter which was exactly as they had told them. The storage bin they had found was recovered as best it could be, but it had been picked clean by scavengers before they checked it out. Eventually though Teagan was allowed to finally head home after a few visits to a doctor and once the authorities had completely cleared them to leave.

Teagan had invited Ra to join him at his family's farm while she was on Doldur. It was the best he could do to try and pay her back just a little bit following saving his life twice, and thankfully she had accepted for some reason. Traveling to and arriving on Doldur had gone by smoothly that after everything over the past few days Teagan almost thought it was a dream. The local authorities waved the pair through immediately due to his status as a form member of the rebellion and a member of Clan Raxis. Ra had been given the same treatment as he had been and the two were referred to as a couple as often as not, and a few times as a married pair. That had been awkward for Teagan to explain that they were not, but he couldn't say he didn't entertain the idea of something with the beauty a few too many times. He had managed to find them a speeder that was transporting supplies out to his family farm though and a place riding on the back all the way there.

They were nearing the farm as Teagan looked out at the familiar scenery. It was strange for him to think that at one time a droid army and rebels were fighting each other out here over supply lines. It seemed so peaceful now and nearly unchanged from before. But it was the only thing that way for him. His childhood home was a ruin, if you could call such utter devastation as merely a ruin, and the old sight of the city that hung on the edge of the horizon was no longer there. He just looked out where it use to be sadly as he sat next to his new companion Ra. He said after a few moments, " I grew up not far from here that way," He pointed towards where the city once lay. " We are close to the Stoirm family farm. Hope you don't mind staying out in the middle of nowhere for a few days while I help my family deal with some problems."

Their stay on planet they crashed on was longer than Ra would have liked. By the time they were released, Ra probably looked quite similar to Teagan as she had when they first met. Grumbling under her breath and just not having a good, a good week. He was about the only person keeping her from going off the deep end and ripping these people a new one. Eventually they were given permission to leave and they arrived on Doldur just fine.

She let Teagan do all the talking, preferring to observe and keep quiet. Ra spoke only when she needed to around people and she didn't know any of these except Teagan. When she did speak, she was polite. Deciding to just let people assume they were a could, Ra didn't dispute them when they did. They did arrive together and were practically connected at the hip, so it made sense. He tried to tell them they weren't but she didn't think they fell for it. Eventually he arranged for a speeder to get them to his family's farm and now they were on the way.

Ra had been a bit around the galaxy by now, so nature while still something new to her wasn't totally unknown. She looked around the different scenery, asking questions about the different plants she saw. When Teagan spoke about having grown up nearby, she turned her attention in the direction he pointed and saw nothing but ruins. Shaking her head, Ra turned and looked at her companion, placing a hand lightly on his knee.

"I'm sorry this happened to you. I've seen a bit of battle myself and it's never pretty. It's good you lived or we wouldn't be here right now."

In the back of the carrier, it was just them so she spoke a little more freely than she would have up front.

"What problems is your family having?"

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
The words and the hand on Teagan's knee had done a lot to help him out of his more melancholy mood. He looked to her and smiled as he placed a hand over her own. It was strange to think how little time they had known each other to him yet how close he was already feeling. It reminded him of one of the few positives of the Rebellion. You always developed friendships fast and deep because you never knew how long you had with people. Any day could be your last or their last after all. The crash had a similar effect on him regarding her and he wasn't bothered in the least by it. She was a beauty after all so what more could he have asked for?

Teagan said to her in response, " They are running low on worker since they use a lot of droid labor and there is issues with bandits. The planet is still low on every resource and the new council that took over has more problems than they can handle right now. They made an apology for it over the holonet it seems and encouraged everyone to work together as a community to help fix local issues while the government handles the planet wide stuff."

Teagan had to pause there as he thought over how similar this situation was to that of Mandalore if not on the same scale. Both planets had seen devastation by different means but the results were completely different from each other. Doldur was attempting to bring everyone together and encourage everyone helping each other out yet on Mandalore a lot of the people who would have so adamantly defended it before abandoned the planet for fairer waters. A few clans remained to fight for their planet's survival but most just left it to its fate. It seemed like the opposite of what the Resol'nare was all about and opposite to what clan Raxis was about. If only their alor had not vanished completely on them and the clan gone into chaos because of it then maybe they would have been able to help Mandalore out.

After a few moments of thought, Teagan went on saying, " My dad's cousins asked me to come back to see if I could repair their equipment for them with the limited supplies and salvage they got. They also think I might be able to do something about these bandits. I was the only one who fought in the Rebellion after all and it seems they think I am a soldier instead of a combat engineer." He chuckled a bit then said, "That is silly though right? Me a soldier...." He got quiet after as his mind began to go over the people from the war who's lived he had ended.

Ra's words had the desired effect on Teagan and gave him some form of solace at least. He smiled her a little and placed his hand on top of hers. If they had met under normal conditions...well they wouldn't be sitting the back of this wagon pulled along by the speeder, but she would have pulled away from him not wanting to get close only to get hurt again. Her life in the past was that whenever she would get close to somebody they would get adopted away or killed. Not something she wanted to go through again. Their adventure though, her helping him and he keeping her calm had forged a bond that wouldn't be broken. At least not easily and Ra actually felt some pleasure in the thought of having him in her life.

"What are the bandits taking? Could gather up people and hunt them down. If you guys do that here..."

She wasn't sure how politics worked, but figured that would solve the problem better than local law enforcement if there was even any of that. From the way Teagan spoke there wasn't any. He fell silent again and appeared to be thinking on something. His face cleared from his thoughts and answered her next question.

"Maybe I can help with the bandits while you take care of the machines. It would keep you out of combat and give you time to heal more."

It might not be answer he liked by it was the first that came to mind when he mentioned it silly they thought of him as a soldier.

"What is a combat engineer?"

To Ra it sounded like some sort of officer that stood observing the battle and sending the orders down to the soldiers. Her attention was on Teagan and her gold eyes only looked at him, not the surrounding countryside.

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
The driver of the speeder looked back at the two of them sitting on his wagon. The man smirked and then went right back to his driving. He seemed to have the same perception of the two that they had been dealing with earlier. Teagan wasn't aware of this though as he only cared to look at Ra as she spoke to him. She had a few questions and they were honestly good ones to ask. How was he going to handle this bandit issue? He could easily get some droids back up and working again but dealing with living breathing people was another matter for him. He didn't want to shoot and kill his own people any more than he already had to in the past. It was worse that they were people he might know due to them fighting together. He was going to have to really think this one over it seemed.

Teagan said to Ra after he had to time think it over, " Well you can help me with repairing the machines if you want or maybe with some of the farm work. The bandits have been stealing at night or so I was told. They also seem to be former rebels like me only some of the fighters. They won't be easy to deal with. They keep stealing all of the food and machine parts so things are rough. We really need to figure out a way to stop them, but I don't want to hurt them if we can avoid it. I think we can reason with them." It was a little naive of him to think this and he was aware of that fact. He just couldn't help but hope that they could avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Teagan went on after a pause, " And combat engineers are people with knowledge in how vehicles, droids, ships, and machines work that go out into the thick of battle. We are the ones who set up the charges on bridges and walls to blow them up. We are the ones who hack com towers and try to disable or hijack their equipment. We do some shooting too but our ability to shoot is not always as good as a regular trooper. Some are fantastic shots but not me. I'm okay but no where near a marksman." He paused a moment as he thought over that last detail. He frowns as he says half to himself, " Maybe they think I am and that is why they asked me to show up?"

The driver called back to them that they were almost there. The area around them had turned into fields of crops ranging from foods such as vegetables and grains to medical plants. There were even a few fields with some plants for making fabric out of. The farming complex was also coming into view. A few large buildings that made up the main house, servant quarters, barns, and warehouses. It looked like a small town and in a way was. A sign that had "Stoirm Farmstead" on it hung between two poles as the speeder approached from the road towards it.

Ra rotated her hand so their fingers laced together slightly and listened to Teagan speak about what he hoped could be done about the bandits and what she could do to help him or maybe some of the farm work. Raising an eyebrow at his thoughts on the bandits, she shook her head.

"It is unlikely they are going to want to strike any part of a deal or bargain. They are bullies and are taking from the weak. Only way to fight that is to be a bigger bully and make a stand."

She was set in her stance at having to fight them, but if the opportunity came up and somebody could do it...reasoning wasn't out of the question. Knowing she wasn't the best diplomat in any sense of the word, she would not volunteer to do that or it wouldn't end up being very diplomatic.

The answer to other question though was quite interesting. She had a basic knowledge of ships. Vehicles couldn't be that much different. Machines and droids would be a different story though and she wouldn't touch a droid if she could avoid it.

"I'll bet you're a better shot than I am"

Only having held her gun and needed to use it once, Ra was not a good shooter. It was worked when she used it though and took down quite a few of the attacking droids. The call of the driver brought them out of their thoughts and conversation. Ra looked up front to him and back to Teagan.

"Well, hope your family is expecting us."

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
Bullies. It seemed that was the way that Ra saw these bandits, but it was not the way Teagan saw it. He saw them as desperate men and women trying to survive. Yes they were doing something wrong by doing so but he couldn't fault them for that. The law and decency had little meaning to a person so close to death after all. So he could understand the part about the food for this reason, but the part about the machinery he couldn't really justify. They were just robbing by that point for the sake of robbing. But that topic along with their respective abilities to shoot came to a close when their driver announced their arrival at the family farm. He turned as best he could to look in front of them and saw the sign that he knew all too well.

When they got to the place they were greeted by the four farm hands who lived and worked on the farm. The welcome was warm but it was obvious how overworked they had become. Teagan noticed and began to help them unload the supplies off of the wagon while the driver went inside to go discuss payment. They had just gotten everything unloaded into the warehouse when the man came back with a scowl on his face. He moved with hurried steps typical of a frustrated person to his speeder. Teagan frowned as he saw this and walked over to the man who had been so kind to the two of them after they had landed.

" What is wrong?" Teagan asked in a genuinely concerned voice.

The driver looked to him and replied, " That karker in there refused to pay me for the shipment. He was making claims about how the community was suppose to help each other out and doing so was ordered by the council." The man spit off to the side on the ground then added, " Biggest load of bantha scat I ever heard."

Teagan discussed with the man how much was owed. He pulled out all the credits he had on him and handed it over to the man but was still short. He tried to think of a way to make up for it and remembered his back attachment. He took it off and handed it over explaining it had medical supplies in it worth more than what was short. The man tried to wave it off but Teagan wouldn't budge. The man eventually gave in and accepted it. He gave the two a final goodbye then left back to where they had come from.

Teagan turned to Ra and said in a slightly embarrassed tone, " Welcome to the Stoirm Family Farmstead."

Ra grabbed their belongings from the back of the wagon they had just been riding in and looked at the cryocase still wondering what was inside. Not wanting to display she could use the Force to these people, she just carried everything on back and arms like a normal person would. This left Teagan with nothing to carry and that was fine since he still needed to recover from his own injuries. She looked at him smugly and would maintain a secure hold on anything if he tried to take it away from her.

The driver returned with storm clouds practically hovering around his head and Ra moved out of the way so he wouldn't run her down. Teagan did stop him before he could leave though and asked him what was wrong. The driver told him and credits were paid by her companion and then the medical supplies he had on his back. She knew business and didn't have an issue with the actions Teagan took. It would look bad for his family though.

The driver left and Ra looked at her friend as he spoke. Clapping a hand on his uninjured shoulder, Ra nodded before speaking.

"Thank you Teagan. Care to introduce me to the nuts that fell off or was your family the nuts?"

She spoke with a very straight face and voice, but her eyes were full of mischievous glitter and laughter.

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
While Teagan had been off helping the hands unload the speeder and was paying off his family's debt owed for the supplies Ra had managed to grab everything of their's. He frowned when he noticed this and walked over to her. She made a joke that got a laugh out of him and got him back to smiling once more. He said to her after that, " Depends on who you ask! I personally think that the cousins are a little fruity myself." He followed it up with an impish grin then added, " Alright I can carry all the stuff now. Thanks Ra for grabbing it." He then reached out to take something from her with the obvious results knowing her.

Before Teagan could respond to whatever reaction Ra had to him trying to be the man in the situation and carry all the heavy stuff, an older man that looked a bit like Teagan came up to them from the hands' house. He was brimming with a warm smile from ear to ear in a fashion that you might find on Teagan. As he got to the pair he said, " Oh good you are here Teagan. Why don't I take you to where you and your friend will be staying while you are here."

Teagan said as he hugged the old man, " Uncle Thomas! Glad to see you well." He paused here and motioned to Ra as he added, " This is my friend Ra. Ra this is my Uncle Thomas. He is my grandfather's brother and the one who actually still owns the farm. He was the one who asked me to come help."

Thomas eyed Ra up and down for a moment then gave a not so subtle whistle. He said after, " Where did you find such a stunning young woman Teagan my boy? Oh she is just such a ray of sunshine bottled up into the most impressive package I have since in decades." Teagan blushed at the old man's comment and got all flustered as he tried to say something. Thomas just laughed at him then added, " Come along. You two should get a rest and get settled in. I am sure you two are in for a long, hot night!" He gave the pair an impish smirk along with a wink. He waved them to follow then headed for one of the barns.

The barn was off to the side and a little further out than any of the other buildings. It offered the most privacy out of all of them. Inside it was filled with all kinds of equipment designed that could only lead to the conclusion of a workshop. Further into though in one of the corners was a large room. It had a single bed big enough for two, a kitchenette, a couch, a coffee table, and a holoprojector for holoshows and holofilms. It also contained dressers and other storage boxes for guests to use. A bathroom with a shower and sink with a mirror over it was attached to it near the bed. It was very much a living quarters inside of the workshop.

" This was my brother's workshop and room here until he left. I haven't let anyone in here besides your father when he came to visit since he left. I have kept it all clean and repaired so there shouldn't be any problems with the water or air conditioning unit. The bed has fresh sheets and I filled the fridge with drinks and some finger foods. Feel free to make yourselves at home." Thomas said to the two with a warm smile on his face. " If you need anything I am in the hands' house. Supper will be at sun down, as always, if you want to join us. If you two would rather stay in here all night though I understand." He gave them another wink then took off before they could say anything.

Teagan turned to Ra with his face still red after all the embarrassment. He cleared his throat then said, " So, uh, why don't we get sorted out then? You can have the bed and I will take the couch."

Her joke was caught and Teagan returned with one of his own, that just intensified the look in her eyes. He offered to take something from her and Ra stubbornly kept a hold of the packages including the cryocase.

Ra didn't have a free hand to give the man a hand shake so just nodded her head in greeting. His next statement wiped the humor from her eyes and changed it to surprise. Teagan blushed at the same time and tried to interrupt his uncle. With a smirk and a wink, he uncle suggested they get settled and Ra rolled her eyes as she finished.

He took them to a barn that was as separate from the other buildings as they could get and took them inside. The uncle explained who's room it had been and that he had kept it fixed up. Knowing they were arriving, he had stocked up some supplies for them as well as fresh sheets on the bed. A few further instructions and he was gone before they could say anything.

"It was nice to meet you..."

Placing the items on the floor, Ra looked in the direction Teagan's uncle had gone and shook her head. Turning back to Teagan and listening to what he had to say, she raised an eyebrow when he said he would be on the couch. Letting out a sigh and crossing her arms at him. The look she gave before speaking indicated she wasn't going to take any argument from him.

"No, we will have the bed."

She started unpacking the things and kept looking at the cryocase. After completing the task, with or without the help of Teagan, she looked at her friend with a smile and picked up the case she had been eyeballing the whole time.

"How long until sundown?"

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
And of course Ra refused to hand anything over or let him take the couch like a gentleman. It was beginning to look to Teagan that she didn't care about him doing the proper thing in these situations at all. How was he suppose to be polite if she didn't let him do it? Oh well. The biggest problem right now was that his great uncle had just embarrassed the kark out of him in front of Ra with all of the not so subtle hints. He had even just done one of his tricks at dealing with new farmhands and denied them the ability to ask questions while telling them things they needed to know then left before they could follow up on it all. Thomas liked doing that to avoid them overthinking and to get them into a more submissive state but that was for new workers not for his own great nephew and his guest! It was just turning into one of those days far too quickly as soon as they got to the farm. At this rate Ra was going to think he was related to a bunch of weirdos....which he kind of was.

Teagan turned to Ra after he had calmed down a bit. He said to her as he walked over to the cryocase, " We got here a little after mid day so a few more hours. Been a few months since I was back here so the exact time is a little off for me." He began to inspect the case after because he knew she was very interested in it. Everything seemed to be in order and working properly. That was good news at least. The only problem was that it was locked behind a biolock so the now dead owner was the only one who could legitimately get past the lock. It was a good thing Teagan wasn't interested in being legit with it. He said as he went looking for the proper tools, " What do you want to do until sun down? I should have this open in less than an hour and I am sure you are tired. Why don't you go lay down on the bed or sit or sit on the couch and watch something?" He didn't know what she might say to him but he was already getting started on the lock to the case.

Teagan didn't help her unpack anything, but that was okay with her. This way Ra knew where everything was when she needed to repack it. After looking at the cryocase and he approached her, she handed it to him and sat down on the now empty couch.

He said he wasn't sure of the exact time, but they would be able to see when the sun was getting close to setting and be there for dinner or not. He asked what she wanted to do until then and she didn't have an answer for him really. She was sitting on the couch and looked at him.

"I can lay down here until you get that open and see what's inside. Do you need any help?"

Ra took her boots off and kept them on the floor in front of the couch, pulled her feet up under her and waited to know if he was going to need help or if she could lay down.

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
Teagan listened to Ra as he kept up the work on the case. The biolock was proving to be as big of a pain in the rear end as anyone with some experience might expect. The thing was not big but it was complicated still. There was all kinds of sensors on it. Sensors for heat to both judge the temperature as well as what source the heat belonged to be it organic or not. Sensors to judge pressure from that being applied to it directly and that of the mass of the object making it. Sensors for judging the material of the object pressing down on it to make sure it is organic and living cells. And there was even sensors for judging the finger print being placed on it as well as to adjust it for time past due to aging. It was all delicate as well due to the number of them and if any of them were damaged in the process of opening it up the whole thing would lock up so tight only a plasma torch or lightsaber could open it up.

So with the work being done with his main focus, Teagan said, " I don't need any right now and thank you for everything you have done. I could have carried some of the stuff and helped unpack you know." He paused as he had a tricky portion pop up then went on, " This should be valuable though whatever is in here. This lock is very expensive and effective. I might try to reset it after we open it and you can use it for something else some time. Also could just sell it for credits and maybe get some of the cost of the shuttle trip back. Those medical bills were not cheap and that shuttle company refused to refund me after I told them about me fixing their hyper drive. Said I was the reason for the crash and should be sent to prison for the rest of my life. Even banned me from their services as if I would ever use them after...."

A click came from the lock and suddenly the case opened up slightly. Teagan just blinked at it not knowing what to think since he had just barely gotten the casing of the sensors opened up when it did this. It might have been a fail safe for whoever was transporting the thing in case they died or lost a hand so that the client could still open it. Typical sort of tactic for the criminal types to do for this sort of thing if they were smarter. He said as he looked over to Ra, " The case is open."

Ra silently watched as Teagan did his magic on opening the lock. If she had been the one working on it, she would have given up long before and just smashed the case open somehow.

"Of course you could have, but I'm stubborn and wanted to impress your family."

Listening as he spoke about his dealings with the shuttle company, Ra just shook her head before speaking. When she got her hands on them, they would have more than just an unhappy customer on them.

"I didn't even try to deal with them yet. Going to take it to the top and not worry about dealing with the middlemen. Want to tag along when I do that?"

The case popped open then and small wisps of like steam or frost came out of the crack. Their eyes met and Ra moved over to him and the case.

"What's inside?"

Looking in, it appeared to be cat of some sort. Lifting it out slowly, Ra picked up the cold form and looked at it. Taking it over to the couch, she sat down and laid the cat on her lap. As the chill went away, life and color returned to it. Raising an eyebrow, Ra looked at Teagan.

"What kind of cat is this?"

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
The case was now open and Teagan could finally do something else. He stood up and wandered over to the duffle bag that contained most of his belongings. He began to rummage through it as he took inventory of everything. It was all there just like it had been this morning minus the stuff he offered up as payment to the driver. He zipped it back up and put it in an out of the way corner. As he did all of this it seemed Ra had found out what was in the case after having spoken with him a bit. He turned to take a look at what it was exactly that someone had gone to such lengths to transport.

Teagan said after a moment, " I think that is a baby ackley. Why did someone have one of them in there? Why did someone want one to begin with so badly?" It seemed unusual as the creatures were popular but not rare. They were used for all kinds of purposes both legal and illegal so it seemed like it would be easier to just transport one normally rather than take this measure. But it was a mystery they would likely never solve since the only one who could answer it for them was long dead by this point. It was just a miracle that the both of them and the little thing were still alive. He walked over to the kitchenette and began to see what was there. He said as he did, " I don't know if it is old enough to eat meat yet but we should see if it is. There has to be something here for it."

After a minute or two of his searching, Teagan came back with some dried meat and a bowl of water. He set the bowl on the floor near Ra and held the meat out for her to take. This trip was already starting to go in a weird direction and they had yet to even encounter one of the problems they were here to fix. He waited for her to do what she was going to do though then went and sat down on the couch with her. He looked at her and asked, " How are you holding up by the way? I'm still pretty beat up after everything and you had to deal with about as much plus use the force a lot. That couldn't have been easy on you."

As Ra sat with the little creature, Teagan moved about checking and putting his items away. Then he wondered into the kitchen and gathered up a few things bringing them back to her and the kitten. He thought it was a baby Ackley and she looked at it closer. Shaking her head before speaking and picking up its front paws.

"Can't be an Ackley. The legs are too short. Whatever it is, it's cute. And look at these paws, its going to be huge."

Shrugging her shoulders slightly in answer to his questions.

"Well, its mind now. Any idea how to tell a gender?"

The kitten was starting to wake up and move around. A little unsteady on its feet, but growing more confident as time passed. Smelling the meat, its interest was perked and it made a fast move to take it out of Teagan's hand before Ra could take it from him. Letting out a chuckle, Ra watched as the kitten devoured the meat and looked like it wanted more.

"I have no idea why, but have a clue. If this moves that fast as a kitten, it's going to be stronger and faster. At a guess, it was put on freeze to keep it from running wild on that flight."

He sat down next to her ​and asked how she was holding up. Mentioning that he was still pretty beat up. He had is far worse than she had in the long run. Letting out a small little negative growl and waving her hand before speaking.

"Ah I'm fine. Only a bit of a back ache and that'll go away in time."

Used to being strong, on her own and alone, she didn't feel the need to tell him just how worn out she actually was. It wasn't right to be weak.

[member="Teagan Stoirm"]
The little baby nexus, or so Teagan thought now, took the dried meat from him before he went to go sit by Ra. It was giving him a look that spoke of just how hungry it was and it was taking everything in him right now to not immediately get up to feed it. No he needed to listen to Ra right now because she was speaking to him and answering his questions. She seemed to just have some back pain still and figured it would go away soon, but he didn't buy it. He knew back pain and it never just went away on its own. She must have been putting up a front to not appear worse off right now to him, and he was just going to have to play along. It was one of the things he had learned about her in their short time together. It was better to let her have her self image than to try to argue about it. He wasn't going to win it in the end after all.

Teagan patted Ra on the leg and gave her a warm smile in response to what she said. He squeezed her leg then stood up. He went over to the kitchenette again and grabbed more of the dry meat that was there. He came back over and began to feed the little nexu more pieces of meat. As he did he said, " This must be a nexu. Not sure why I said ackley earlier. Those are the big, angry bugs that can impale you if I remember right.... Anyways, there is some pain medicine in the cabinet if you need any later. What do you think you will name the little..." He checked its gender then went on, "Girl here? I am sure you must have a few names in mind."

After the little nexu had quickly finished off the meat that Teagan had gotten for her, he went back over to the couch and sat down next to Ra. He looked at her and smiled to her warmly once more. Getting to know her was the only good thing that had come out of that shuttle crash for him. He placed his hand back onto her leg and gently squeezed it once again. He waited to see what she would say as he slowly began to rub her leg. He wasn't sure why but he was enjoying this quiet moment. Normally he would be getting busy doing something like fixing a droid or repairing a ship or just going through some schematics he custom made, but not right now and that was okay with him.

After the kitten ate the meat, Teagan sat down next to Ra as she spoke. He patted her leg and with a small sqeeze got up to get more food for the cat. He sat feeding it and slyly hinted that there were pain meds if she needed them.

"Oh trust me, when I went for that check up, I was given something for that. Haven't taken one yet since I don't need to. If I need to I will, but I don't like the feeling they give me. Like having had one or two too many drinks and fuzzes my mind."

He gave the kitten the food which devoured it like it would disappear if it didn't get eaten. As he was feeding it, he commented on the fact it looked more like a nexu than an Ackley, he also ascertained its gender and said it was female.

"I'm not sure if an Ackley is a bug or many legs do they have? Not important really as this little girl isn't one."

Teagan asked about a name and Ra stated the first one that came to mind, "Ankhaara."

She had no idea where it came from or what it meant, but liked the sound of it. He sat down next to her with a smile. His hand returned to her leg and Ra allowed it to rest there, but when Teagan started rubbing it she tensed up. While she didn't remove his hand or ask him to stop, she was slightly uncomfortable suddenly. Ra trusted Teagan and even liked him, she didn't know how to react to the physical contact.

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The two were getting a long great it seemed. Ra was talking and even came up with a name that Teagan liked for the little nexu, but then it sort of turned on him. He had placed his hand on her leg and started to rub it. Ra didn't remove his hand or say anything to him but she did tense up from the contact. He frowned as she did that because it meant she didn't like it. Anyone would have known that tensing up meant it wasn't a welcome action. So he just pulled his hand off of her leg himself and gave them more room between each other on the couch. He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable after all and it was his own selfishness that lead to the action in the first place.

Teagan just remained quiet as he sat next to her after he had removed his hand. He didn't know what to say to Ra at all. All he knew was that he felt embarrassed and ashamed he had made her feel uncomfortable in any way. He began to keep his eyes away from her as he just looked around the room. His face tinted with a soft red he noted the layout of the room. Kitchenette, living area, a dining table with two chairs, and then the bedroom with the only bathroom. Yup it was still the same as it was when they first entered it. Nothing different at all except the huge idiot sitting on the couch with Ra and Ankhaara. A huge idiot that should be ashamed of himself.

The little kitten was playful and chased after Teagan as he moved away. He picked up on the fact Ra had gotten tense when he was rubbing her leg. It wasn't the touch that bothered her but the rubbing. Collecting the wondering kitten, she moved to sit next to him like they had been before and their legs now touched.

"I don't like being tickled."

It was all Ra said about why she tensed up in the first place.

The silence was awkward, but she hoped her words helped explain why she tensed up. She didn't want to drive him away and liked him.

The unstable kitten settled down on her lap now, started cleaning herself and ended up falling asleep with her head resting on Teagan's leg and her body on Ra.

"You have a remote for the holo? I don't think we'll be moving any time soon."

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