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Non-Aggression Pact with the Fringe

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Alright,before anyone jumps on me for posting this,hear me out. The Fringe has been there for a good amount of time and have expressed a desire to have regional security and peace. We did attack,even though it wasn't justified,I did enjoy it. But we have to think as a faction. Do we really want a war that no one will win?

Jorus Merrill

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Between border skirmishes, occasional hostilities, and a friendly invasion or two, Fringe is quite content with the occasional showdown with OP -- nobody out to crush anyone off the map. They just signed a treaty with the Republic with a clause that the Republic will stay out of Fringe/OP stuff and let all of us do our thing however we all want. Just some notes from the other side of the fence.


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I think that between OP and fringe, we are quite content with the skirmishes and random friendly invasion as Jorus put it. I know I just got back from LOA, but it appears that at least between the two factions, we try to have as much fun ICly as well as OOCly in regards to knocking heads from time to time.

I could be wrong, but just my two cents worth. It is Star Wars for a reason, and well... you never know what might happen in the future. The enemy you think is that of the day may be the friend of tomorrow.

Or still you enemy xD

hahaha, but i'm down for whatever the general consensus wants.


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I think, and this is both my OOC opinion and HK's IC one, we should sign a treaty similar to that Republic did.

We sign a treaty that keeps us from declaring an all-out war against each other and conducting full invasions, but we keep the random skirmishes so they will not nullify the agreement. OOCly there is enough enjoyment in them to keep them around and ICly they would happen irregardless.

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@[member="Ivy Lasranae"] that is how it was before and no one wanted to break it but invasions are sapping and we have went through a time where they are happening almost weekly and where they barely happen in three months. I think someone did a count of how many invasions were done in a year and the bulk was the last couple of months.

@[member="Ventasia Terana"] yeah that beach sounds nice with a zeltron