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Approved Location Noasis Mirdirmorut Labs

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King of Pumpkins
  • Structure Name: Noasis Mirdirmorut Labs
  • Classification: A Lab and A foundry
  • Location: Noasis
  • Affiliation: Mirdirmorut
  • Accessibility: It is easy to find however it is a distance away from the main city. It is also guarded by the security forces. It is private access only.
  • Security: mirdirmorut-security-forces
  • Description: From the one bridge across to the island you can see a rather large wall. There is a door way that leads into the grounds allowing you to see all the defences present. There are some off shot facilities that seem to be very silent.
Main building - The main building acts as the office for Noasis. Deals are done here between Mirdirmorut and the people of Noasis. More than a few times the Akalenedat’ike seem to randomly appear here raiding the food supplies so much so that the security forces have taken to adopting them. The foundry is located within here

The wall - Crossing the bridge from the main settlement on Noasis, you will see the wall. It has a number of guards patrolling it at anyone time. The main gates are here along with a communicator their for any traffic crossing the bridge.

The black-out facility - Not many people know what goes on here. Some say it is illegal experiments, while others hypothesis it is a jail for those who go against Mirdirmorut. Even a lot of the executives don't know what goes on there. Only scientists seem to go across and they are very tight lipped about their work. What actually goes on in the black-out facility is all of Mirdirmorut's Special projects. Anything to do with special materials such as songsteel, void stone, and other materials being used by Mirdirmorut.

Landing area - The Landing area is used to house a few freighting ships along with some fighters to generally patrol the laboratory and foundry if needed. Generally any stock or needed items that can't be purchase from the main city are imported here. While all droids, weapons, and other things are exported from here.

Mirdirmorut was a fairly new company when Rex started them up. This was originally an island with nothing on it. However with a bit of hard work Rex turned it into a foundry and a laboratory. The black site as it is commonly referred to is the lab where most of Mirdirmorut's top secret experiments are performed. The main building, wall and landing area are all accessible by the general public and the Akalenedat’ike have seemed to take a liking to Mirdirmorut's guards who often feed them treats and as such can be found all over the facility. Most people enjoy the idea of this place however everyone still wonders what happens within the black-out facility.

Neri Rashal

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Over all this looks fine.

The only issue is that codex subs are objective, rather than subjective, so I need you to add at least a brief bit about what generally goes on in the black-out area, but it'll get bumped back without that. Don't have to go into full detail but just give a general idea.
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