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Images: made by Björnhurri

  • Name: Niok

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Homeworld: Crystalsong

  • Language: Crystalsong Standard and Niok Common.

  • Average height of adults: 1.5 to 2 metres

  • Skin color: Gray, dark brown

  • Hair color: Gray, dark brown

  • Breathes: Type I

  • Strengths:
Physical Strength - Nioks are physically strong. They can have nearly double-human strength.
Workaholics - Nioks love working. They are willing to spend most of their day mining for crystals or risking with their lives to do more work.
Empathic & Tolerant - Nioks are really empathic. They care about each other really much. If something bad happens to someone, the whole tribe (except the ruler) might be really depressed for the whole day, but when something good happens to someone, they might be really happy for a long time. They are also really tolerating. Discrimination doesn’t exist in Niok tribes.

  • Weaknesses:
Clumsy - due to their body type, Nioks are really clumsy.
Lack of Intelligent - Nioks lack intelligence. They are really dumb and easy to control. Thus, they are perfect subjects for their tribes.
Horns - though Niok horns are beautiful, they don’t have a purpose. It might actually get them into a lot of trouble.

  • Distinctions: Fat bodies, two beautiful horns on their heads, which are unique to every single person. They are humanoids. Fur grows only on their back and never elsewhere.

  • Average Life Span: 101 for men, 105 for female.

  • Races: Only races are the “Gray Ones” and the “Dark Beings”. The Dark Beings have dark brown fur and skin and live mostly on the southern hemisphere of the planet. The Gray Ones have gray fur and skin and live on the northern hemisphere.

  • Diet: Nioks eat various things: meat, crystalline plant leaves, fruits. Mushrooms, which are very populous on Crystalsong, are poisonous.

  • Communication: Holocommunication, verbal, telepathical (only utilized by the current tribe rulers who all happen to be Force-sensitives), written. The Crystalsong Standard is a modified version of the Galactic Basic Standard, though it’s unsure why it’s so. There are a few hundred new words, about a thousand removed ones (which the inhabitants of Crystalsong don’t need) and many modified ones. Letters are almost the same as they are in GBS. Niok Common is a modified version of Crystalsong Standard. Many words are removed and thousands of new words have been made. Thus, the word “love” has about 56 direct synonyms. Letters are more beautiful than Galactic Basic Standard’s and Crystalsong Standard’s. They are similar to ancient letters (I know our world is not a good thing to compare with, but these letters are similar to our English handwriting).

Culture: Nioks have always lived in tribes due to their nature and the locations of crystals on the planet. Nioks follow a simple rule: crystals are everything. They are natural crystal hunters who want to be extremely rich by selling them to others. Their society is simple: there is one leader in the tribe and others are workers who must follow the tribe leader’s orders. But workers are empathic and friendly. They really care about others and love nature, but in a bit different way from some other species. They do not protect nature like Zahati’i and other species like that do, but instead they just help local fauna. Unlike some other societies where Force-users are more important than normal people, Nioks consider Force-users as people who have been given the power to mine crystals more effectively. That’s why Force-sensitives can be often found in mines, collecting crystals. Families in a normal sense don’t exist in Niok tribes. While men can marry a woman and they can have children together, no one has the right to declare children as theirs. Children are given after birth to the tribe’s leader who then chooses what to do with them. Typically they raise them until the children are old enough (can walk and talk) to start living their own lives. Nioks don’t also have any festivals or special days, though the birthday of High Crystal Hunter is kind of special. The whole tribe has a free day then. Becoming a High Crystal Hunter is very easy, actually. High Crystal Hunters rule for their whole life and when they die, the Niok who has worked hardest gets the throne. This has always caused troubles and normally the whole tribe has a fight when it happens. Nioks also enjoy fine literature, but if a person wants to publish a new book, it has to go through the office of the High Crystal Hunter. If anything rebellious or insulting is found from there, the books are either censored or immediately denied. Government is really brutal and controls basically everything, could be considered as a dictatorship.

  • Technology level: Slightly below galactic average.

  • General behaviour: Nioks are really socialistic. They are mostly equal in everything and expect everyone to be like them. They are empathic and feel like other people are more important than themselves and thus, they normally greet strangers like they were their leaders. This leads up to another fact about their behaviour. Nioks are all really loyal, which makes them easy to control. War is not an everyday thing, but neither is it something people never talk about. Normally the rulers of Niok tribes are warmongering, but the people are not, so the tribes are warring, but not too often. Nioks almost never become angry, even when pushed as far as possible. Normally they are just shy, socially awkward and humble.

  • History:
10,561 BBY - the first recorded history of Nioks. All of their six tribes have formed.
10,560 BBY - Géor Da starts a war against Crystal Caves. Akat Her Nhio, the High Crystal Hunter of Crystal Caves is killed by Hélet, the High Priestess of Géor Da.
10,559 BBY - the war between Géor Da and Crystal Cave ends with a peace treaty signed by Net Bi, the new High Crystal Hunter of Crystal Caves, and Hélet. The first recorded history of Nàrrans.
10,555 BBY - difficulties between Crystal Caves and Géor Da rise again.
10,550 BBY - Hélet starts the second war against Crystal Caves.
10,547 BBY - Kaphé and Hélet form an alliance to fight against the First Nation of Nàrrans and Crystal Caves.
10,546 BBY - Peace treaty is signed by Kaphé, Net Bi and Hàk the Powerful.
10,535 BBY - the era of peace starts. Nioks have time to do their work. During these times, rulers change in all tribes and so do people. All tribe areas become bigger, High Crystal Hunters gain more influence in surrounding areas, tribes become similar to powerful dictatorships. Nioks become the prime power on Crystalsong.
427 ABY - Twi’leks arrive to Crystalsong, the first colony is made near Crystal Oceans, one of the Niok tribes. The colony and the tribe immediately have a friendly relationship.
428 ABY - the Gulag Virus reaches Crystalsong. Thousands of innocent souls die due to the powerful plague.
429 ABY - Nioks close their borders to avoid the Gulag Plague.
430 ABY - Géor Da starts a war against Crystal Caves. Crystal Seas, a Niok tribe, establishes a trade route with Nàare Càpt, the capital of the Second Nation of Nàrrans.
435 ABY - Nioks become communists.
450 ABY - Nioks build walls around their tribes to advance their safety from the plague.
454 ABY - a new virus is born in Crystal Forest, a Niok tribe. It becomes nearly as deadly as the Gulag Plague.
457 ABY - about three quarters of the remaining citizens of Crystal Forest leave to make their own tribe called Crystal Lake.
458 ABY - Crystal Forest becomes extinct.
708 ABY - the Gulag Plague is almost gone. Nioks open their borders. Mankarii dismiss their pact of cooperation with Nioks and become completely independent again.
761 ABY - The Gulag Plague is completely gone. Niok tribes return to their former glory.
800 ABY - Larriks, Nioks and Markarii combine forces to fight against the Tatooine colony which has grown bigger than Ulkirammor and has gained much influence. Ulkirammor and Nàrdanhect don’t choose sides in that war.
836 ABY - All Niok walls are destroyed and they lose their prime power title to the newly formed Coruscant colony.

  • Notable Player-Characters: None at the moment.

  • Intent: I am trying to make this species to have a new, a bit different species in Chaos. It would bring new storylines and possibilities and also hopefully a new faction.
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