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Approved Location New Massada entrenched camp | Dvar Imperial Remnant

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Warlord of Dvar
  • Intent: To restore Dvar’s main fortification to a combat-ready state
  • Image Credit: Dien Bien Phu Red Star Miniatures; Caustic Soda Podcast [x] [x]
  • Canon: n/a
  • Permissions: n/a
  • Links: Found throughout submission


  • Military Base Name: New Massada entrenched camp
  • Classification: Military Installation
  • Location: Dvar [x]
  • Affiliation: Dvar Imperial Remnant [x]
  • Population:
    • Moderate:
      • Given the feeble number of ex-First Order citizens living on the planet, it would have been difficult for the Remnant to extensively staff the base; thus, only a handful of companies manned a base made for several divisions. Now that the manpower crisis is about to be resolved, thanks to the Empire's gift of a large number of clone troopers, the Remnant can field almost a brigade to garrison the base.
  • Demographics:
    • The assortment of species making up the population of the base is unique enough to set it apart from other Imperial bases. Even though the ex-First Order citizens were mainly humans, there were also Chiss in numbers and Pantorans. With the arrival of clone troopers, the balance towards human dominance has shifted again. Other species to be noted are Ugnaughts and Wookiees, serving as enslaved muscle.
    • List format:
      • Humans (65%)
      • Chiss (20%) [x]
      • Pantorans (5%) [x]
      • Wookiees (8%) [x]
      • Ugnaughts (2%) [x]
  • Accessibility: Sat on the outskirts of Dvar City, New Massada was once really easy to find and travel to, thanks to the Imperial path that had been laid during the Battle of Dvar to connect the entrenched camp to the prisoner camp. For centuries, nothing barred the braver scavengers from access to the deeply buried tunnels and caches, but as the ex-First Order citizens settled in, entrances became guarded. Thanks to the important defensive overhaul the camp has undertaken in the last months, civilian access to the base is authorised only for exceptional cases. Since some parts of the camp remain unguarded, due to an incomplete garrison, it is possible to sneak inside the base, but the most vital parts of the compound remain guarded.
  • Description:
    • ww1-trench-system.jpg
    • The entrenched camp mainly consists of buried structures, arranged in the shape of concentric stars, providing the best firing arcs possible. The heart of the camp consists of a series of bunkers, forming the HQ of the complex, each building serving a different purpose, from logistical assessment to field hospital. The bunkers are surrounded by a vast network of trenches, pillboxes and E-Web nests running almost to the horizon in every direction, Scattered XX-10 turbolaser towers, installed there by the Galactic Empire and put back into service by the Dvar Imperial Remnant, are also to be found in numbers.
  • Headquarters: The beating heart of the base, the headquarters consist of a series of half-buried bunkers, serving as the operational centre from where the Dvar Imperial Remnant can coordinate its troops on the ground, aerial traffic coming from the small landing strip just behind the bunkers, and read the reports from the various sentry droids and sentry guns operating across the base. The headquarters also has a field hospital, the largest in New Massada, where -every soldier is guaranteed to be offered treatment.
  • Underground tunnels and caches: Dug out by the First Order refugees when they first set foot on the planet, the tunnels run almost everywhere under the entrenched camp. The general staff has a detailed list of every weapons cache present in New Massada, but a lot of them are either inaccessible because of landslides frequently occurring, or because they were found and pillaged by adventurous Smugglers. Even though the garrison doesn't often visit the tunnels, the ones leading to the Headquarters are heavily fortified, with automated turrets and sensors to slow down any intruder long enough that the garrison would be able to send reinforcements.
  • Airstrip: Though not as imposing as the airfield in Dvar City, the airstrip was seen as a necessity by the officers tasked with rehabilitating the entrenched camp. Being one of the few ways to easily access the base, the airstrip is more defended than an average sector of the camp, boasting several flak cannon pieces, as well as a pair of turbolaser towers, and manual repeating blasters, manned by the technicians when bombing runs are detected. The airstrip in itself is a square of hardened mud, alongside a small hangar, and the necessary equipment to maintain the pair of Y-TIEs parked there.
  • Trench section: The typical segment of a trench, comprising several pillboxes, E-Web nests, and "batteries" (buried duracrete house serving as a dormitory, armoury and firing stand). The trenches zigzag around the centre of the camp, protected by layers of buried pressure-trip mines and barbed wire. Typical amenities also include sharpshooter firing emplacement or automated sentry turrets guarding exposed spots of the trench.

  • High
    • External Defensive Emplacements:
      • XX-10 turbolaser towers [x]
      • Flak guns [x]
      • Bp.2 anti-infantry turret [x]
      • Bp.4 anti-vehicle turret [x]
      • Bp.5 anti-aircraft turret [x]
      • Point-defense cannons [x]
      • E-Web(15) Heavy Repeating Blasters [x]
    • Miscellaneous External Defensive Emplacements:
      • Barbed wire [x]
      • Pressure-trip mines [x]
      • LX-4 proton mines [x]
    • Internal Defensive Emplacements:
      • Tunnels:
        • Ground Level Automated Defense Droid System [x]
        • Sentry guns [x]
        • Life form indicators [x]
      • Bunkers:
        • Blast doors [x]
        • FWMB-10 repeating blasters [x]
        • Mobile grenade mortars [x]
    • Garrison:
      • Dvar Stormtroopers [x]
      • Y-TIEs (2) [x]

New Massada was established in 4 ABY when the Galactic Empire decided to halt the New Republic's advance in the Outer Rim, and was trying to secure ore deposits in the region to fuel the shipyards of the Core. Lacking the capabilities to create a massive complex, and given the nature of the planet, the Imperials resorted to digging. Creating a massive complex of trenches and pillboxes, they dug in, waiting for the Republican onslaught. When it came, the casualties quickly got up to tens of thousands, and the Imperials lost all air coverage and medical installations in the opening shots of the battle. Despite bringing heavy artillery, the Republicans were unable to break the deadlock, and resorted to bloody trench warfare to advance, eventually destroying all resistance around 11 ABY.

As the First Order fell under the onslaught of the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium, a group of refugees and soldiers found its way to Dvar, where they would eventually settle. The various military units, fearing pursuit of the Ssi-Ruuvi, decided to create caches under the entrenched camp, in order to store the most valuable equipment, in case they needed to blend in with the population. When it became clear they would not be pursued, the ex-First Order soldiers began to draft plans to use New Massada as an operations base in the near future.

As various warlords in the South of the Outer Rim gathered to join forces under the leadership of Vandar Tarkin Vandar Tarkin , the Imperials on Dvar realised it was their opportunity to change the balance of power once and for all, ousting the Smugglers and taking control of the mines. However, their low numbers prevented them from taking any major action, having no fleet and only a handful of ground units. Hence, they set on to restore the planet's military centrepiece, New Massada, and use it to build up power and become a credible threat to the other factions present on the planet.
Working with very little help, the Dvar Imperial Remnant was forced to buy Wookiee and Ugnaughts slaves to assist them in restoring the bunkers, tunnels, trenches... Thanks to a number of skilled technicians among their ranks, the Imperials were able to repair a significant number of automated turrets, turbolaser towers and turrets, while they also brought in their own weaponry to complement the very generous leftover supplies the Empire had abandoned behind. In a matter of months, what was previously an abandoned ruin, became once again an imposing military base, able to contend with any threat posed by the other groups on the planet.
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