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Approved Location New Camp

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[*]Wealth: Meduim- Though not being large enough to house good wealth it has been allocated a resonable amount of funds to see that it does not fail and grows in size
[*]Stability: Hight-The low population and present 'Royal Guard', lack of crime and outside interference makes the place very stable with little problems despite minor local problems.
[*]Description: New Camp seems like any old colony on an arid world, though having a small clean like outer apperance
Center Suburbs- The main area for settlers and civilians to live in, complete with almost all the necessary stores, outlets and other places that people could need to live a content life on the recovering planet. Most of the buildings used being used of single room design doubled together to make larger houses and other structures, all around a central point (See picture above).

Tythe Royal Armory- Company complex of the Tytheish Royal Armory where all of the armed forces weapons and armor are produced as well as housing the off dusty garuds mean and acts as a training center and testing grounds. It's structure built into a small rocky crevasse left behind by the mining company that reduced the place to it's current state.

Liona Manor-The current manor that houses the monarch of the current monarch of the colony (Chikako Liona) along with other staff and a the 'Queens Guard' section of the Royal military. Unlike other parts of the colony and rest of the planet the estate has had the immediate area around it rejuvenated to allow grass to grow and other plants to grow.

The Tythish Royal Guard make up the current policing and military force that keeps law in the small colony, dealing with domestic problems as well as any possible hostile events.

Upon being promoted to Viceroy of Tythe Chikako did not waste any time setting out to establish a new colony in her efforts to bring life back to the arid landscape (along with her other motive to become an independent ruler one day). New Camp was supposed to be a simple colony to house farmers and people of agricultural origins along with those that needed a place to settle down after being displaced by wars.

over time using modular housing section and a little restoration the small a area near an old mining location became the new settlers for the colony to start, the few people still on the planet resettling there along with others from over the Confedary. People looking for a peaceful place to live or start over, Chikako offering a decent monetary investment to get by and live on the still barren planet.
Not open for further replies.