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Nemene Athaem Talith

Lira Dajenn

NAME: Nemene Athaem Talith
RANK: Apprentice
AGE: 22
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'7''
WEIGHT: 137lbs
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Dark Brown/Black
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[+]Nemene is an expert in anatomy. From a young age she was taught the ins and outs of hundred of different species. She knows the innerworkings of most aliens bodies as well as human. This makes her a difficult opponent given that shell likely always know your weak spot. It also makes her an effective healer and torturer, given that she knows the body on a more...fundamental level.
[+]As mentioned before Nemene is an excellent healer. Though she does not use the healing techniques of the Jedi Nemene is capable of healing people from even the brink of death. She utilized a combination of all force healing, taking energy from herself, the force, the environment, and more uniquely, the person being healed. The twist to Nemene's healing is that like everything else it does it causes a tremendous amount of pain. Those who have known her touch describe the sense of her feeling as being stabbed with a thousand needles in every inch of their skin covered in the most painful of poisons. Under her touch a second turns into an hour and a minute into a week. This is her toll for healing, life for pain.
[+]Her healing extends to herself as well. While most Jedi and Sith were able to heal themselves quite easily, to Nemene it comes completely naturally. Once she is injured the wound automatically heals itself at the cost of a portion of her energy. The worse the wound, the more tired she becomes. This has a great effect in combat however as it keeps her at peak strength.
[+]Like her father before her Nemene is talented with the use of a blade. She utilizes a single saber-staff left for her at birth by Moridin. She also carries a Sith Sword made for her by her father, though the blade is considered "too precious" to her for it to be used often.
[+]Nemene is as regal as most queens. The young woman carries herself as a princess would, her chin Is always held high and an air of authority constantly follows her. She is also extremely cold to those she considered to be “lesser” than her, giving her an air of cruelty.
[-/+]Nemene has a unique mind. It is unknown why but she is completely immune to telepathy. Only people who have a natural bond in the force with her are able to touch her mind, the only person so far capable of doing this is @[member="Evelynn"]. This is not to say she is immune to mental attacks, but it gives her a certain resistance to mind domination and similar techniques Though voices in her head never appear.
[-/+]Much like every other member of her family Nemene carries a curse. This curse is quite simple, she is unable to drive any sort of powered vehicle without subsequently crashing it in some way
[-/+]Nemene although coming from Moridins line is not as powerful in the force as she could ideally be. Where others would be able to sustain a burst of Sith Lightning for 2-3 minutes without a problem and with no real issue, Nemene would find herself extremely winded and even tired after doing this. This makes it so Nemene has to use the force in more precise and exact means, instead of wasting great amounts of power. It also means however that she has little to no force aura. Unless someone is standing directly next to her there is absolutely no way anyone could tell she was a Sith by her aura in the force.
[-]Just as Moridin, Nemene has no discernible talent in either Sith Sorcery, or Sith Alchemy. She has no talent with magic or the alteration of living creatures, leaving such things to others.
[-]Plainly put, Nemene is a brat. When she does not get her way Nemene is often prone to fuming and getting generally upset, at these moments she is known to throw a hissy fit, often raging at those around her. Most of the time this ends in the death of servants, soldiers, and lesser beings around her.
[-]As one would expect from such a regal being Nemene is completely used to being waited on hand and foot. While she knows how to take care of herself(barely) it seems that Nemene is quite used to having servants of all sorts. Without them she fails at a great many things such as cooking, cleaning, and every other basic necessity of life.

Nemen Athaem Talith was born into her family like so many others were, a bastard. Like so many women before her Nemene's mother fell for the Sith Lord known the galaxy over as the Dark Lord Moridin. At the time of course his name had not been known, and indeed he had been but a distant memory to the galaxy. This allowed the ancient Sith to travel to worlds he had not been too in century, one of these was his homeworld of Kiffu.

It was here in the year 815 ABY that Moridin met a woman, a woman who was unknown to him at the time but one that held much power and grace. The woman swiftly seduced by the Sith Lord and the two spent several weeks together, their lives utterly intertwined. Like with all things involving the Dreadlord however the relationship did not last long, and before it could even really begin Moridin abandoned the woman with a cold heart.

Unsurprisingly in this galaxy filled with cliche's the woman ended up pregnant with none other than Nemene.

For some strange reason the woman felt compelled to carry the child to term, and nine months after her conception the mysterious lady gave birth to what would become Nemene Athaem Talith. Almost immediately after her birth the woman contacted Moridin once more, informing him of their child. The Dreadlord not knowing of his sons Soliael and Sven and considering his daughter Anwen a failure was eager to have an heir to his legacy. He took the child, and brought her to the outer rim.

For the first ten years of her life Nemene would have no name, instead she was raised and brought up by a series of droids, and servants, and tutors. At the age of ten Nemene was given a trial, one filled with the death and blood of those who had raised her since birth. Seeing the near emotionless state of his daughter Moridin fell in love and quickly began to spoil his daughter, dubbing her his little Raven. On this day she was named Nemene Athaem Talith, rightfully taking her place within the family.

It was also from this day forth that Nemene was treated as a princess. She wanted for nothing, and seemed to care for nothing. Her training continued every day, with each passing year she would grow more and more powerful and more and more ruthless. Eventually she grew into a true mirror of the Dreadlord.

It was when Nemene became an adult that Moridin seemingly forgot about her. Instead of coming for her as promised the Dreadlord seemed instead to become consumed with the dealings of the galaxy. The madness of his souls took him, and his selfishness broke his mind. Nemene was left in the outer rim. Waiting for her father to come.

It was five years of waiting that caused the young Sith Lady to spring into action. Tired of waiting, and tired of learning nothing more Nemene broke free from her luxury prison, slaughtering her servants and tutors and using her ship to leave the outer rim. Now she flies free within the galaxy, a Raven seeking prey.

Nemene owns a single VCX-820 Escort Freighter painted black and blood red.

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i guess those force destruction and other abilities will come to pass when you're a Master?

or knight

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Yes. I tend never to edit my bios so the strengths and weaknesses stay the same over time.