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Alright so I am a web designer and I am currently working on my own web portfolio. I don't know which admin to contact so instead I'll just post this here.

So I was wanting to use a portion, not much maybe just a small smidge of one of your banners (mainly the red-villain one). Due to copyright laws I have to get permission. I swear I won't take credit for it and will credit whoever made it (or the entire site) inside my portfolio.

Why do I want to use some of it? Because I love Star Wars and I find it really annoying searching the web for a good banner to use that is free.

Again, I will only use a portion of the banner and will credit the creator or the site. Oh and don't worry, I am dedicating a page to my love for Star Wars and, even though I haven't been here long, will mention this site and it's great community.
We don't own the copyrights to them either, Mr. Lucas & Star Wars does. Just a fan site, man. So sure, go for it.

*Mr. Lucas, Star Wars, & Disney