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Need Help with Development Threads!


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
So I need help from our research and engineering departments to:
1. Copy HK 5 times
2. Develop a thread about Abregado's defenses since HK was building it up to become one of the fortress worlds of Omega, I need to follow up with it
3. Develop Power Suits for the Gados for Scarab program he discussed with Cira

Any takers?


Disney's Princess
I'd love to help but I'm working many threads right now. Next week should be better for me. Love the ideas! :D

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
Well I'm currently strained for posting time and I'm only putting my time towards essentials (tech and dominions) but I'll help out.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

I'm game for this when you are. Sio can certainly appear in the thread about fortifying Abregado. Would also be useful character development for her. Well, either her or Moira.

Skree Ariko

*jumps up and down* MEMEMEMEME

Skree's specialty is ships, but she can work on the basics of a lot of things. And she knows how to weld stuff. xD